Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A 2017 Christmas Piece

I’ve been working on this piece for what seems like forever. Not that is has taken me as long as all that but I had a lot of stops and starts and also one or two redo’s. More on that as we go along. This is how I began this piece.

The two large gears have the most critical position in my design and I had to play around with the others to get an arrangement that I liked. This is a very, very early incarnation.

This is the front of the box. If you gathered that there is some correlation between the two big holes and the previous large gears, you would be correct.

I was simultaneously working on this that I intended to go inside.

In these next two photos I am honing in on the arrangement of the elements. I often use a photo to get a different perspective on things. Since a color photo can be confusing and distracting, I sometimes take a black and white one so I can get a better sense of how it looks.

After a little bit of tweaking, I added texture and details

a painted both panels black.

In this close-up view, the details really come through. Gears, snowflakes, baubles and buttons.

The first stage of several adding color to the panels.

Then there was red

and silver.

In my next post, I will return to the chipboard cone and the ups and downs of what that entailed.

Thanks for reading!


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