Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Big Book Box

My gallery piece is constructed of two main pieces which fit together – or is that two-gether? One part is what I call The Big Book, as opposed to all the little books you have seen here previously.

It began as an unfinished wooden book box that has been waiting for just the right opportunity. I think I must have been overly anxious to begin because I couldn’t find where I had taken a before photo. Thus you will have to use your imagination for that image.

The first thing I did was to seal it.

You can get an idea of what it might have looked like unfinished.

Next I had to decide how to make it look like an actual book. I finally decided on this design

but I had to create a compatible spine to go along with it.

Next I applied it to the box – the fit had to be precise to look like it was always a ‘book’.

The spine had to be split for the hinge side but that worked out fine.

Then I moved to working on the inside edges – preparing them for transfers. Every step had to be done in a certain order or I could easily end up ruining a special piece of paper or doing some other regrettable thing. This is a lesson I learned the hard way somewhere along the way.

I believe this is the last ‘in progress’ photo I have of the interior of the box. I became absorbed in creating the details and well, that’s how it goes sometimes. I do have photos of it all together in the end so I’ll be posting those soon.

As always, thanks so much for reading!


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tranquil Tulips

Today I have a few photos of another aspect of my current project. I know I’m always saying what fun a particular feature was to work on. I think I must sound like a broken record – or a scratched disc – or whatever. Anyway, last time it was tiny tomes. This time I present tranquil tulips.

Here’s the beginning – what are these weird things anyway?

From a different point of view with glimpse of another detail as well.

This is where the tulip part comes into view.

Wait a minute. Do they glow in the dark? Yes sirree. They certainly do.

Final assembly and they are ready for placement.

Yep, these were definitely fun to make.

More to come.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Tiny Tomes

Here is what I have under way at the current time – my gallery piece for TBAI (Teddy Bear Artist Invitational), a show that is rapidly approaching. The end is in sight and then I’ll be photographing the finished piece.

In the meantime, I have taken photos of many parts of its construction. There are some aspects that might look familiar but it is quite different from similarly themed projects I have done in the past.

I felt as if I had entered another dimension when I began making these books – at least one whole day, if not more, with these tiny tomes. When my husband said Topher was chewing on a book, I knew exactly what had happened: one had fallen off my desk and I didn’t even know it. You can see how that might have happened. No harm was done though – to either the book or the dog. I guess it wasn’t one he could sink his teeth into.

I’m still not sure how many of these I will need but it’s great having options in size, color and subject. They were fun to make but I’m glad to be back in this dimension – for a while anyway.

I’ll be back with more photos and details.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sebastian & Snow, Florida in July

Sebastian knew what he was talking about when he went in search of snow in Florida in July. He found it and I was there to document his adventure.

Here he is posing with his Take-Along Olaf

on the snow covered bridge.  Can you see him?

Playing in the snow!

He wasn’t the only one, of course!

They didn’t have ice skates in his size so he just watched from the sidelines.

He gave me specific instructions that this is an issue we need to address before he misses another opportunity!

Then we watched as ice skaters and skiers offered a royal welcome to Anna and Elsa!

Sebastian was thrilled to have a front row seat when Elsa walked by and waved!

Then we all had fun at the Sing-a-long.

We wrapped up the coolest day with the The Coolest Summer Ever Dance Party.

We saw lots of familiar faces, including Goofy and Donald and . . .    

our favorite mouse, Mickey!

Whew!  What a rip roaring good time!  I’m glad Sebastian let me come along for the ride.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How I Cooled Off in Florida in July

Hi there everybody! Sebastian here and I’m back from Florida.  I feel so much cooler. When I got to thinkin’ about it, I guess you must have thought I had gone off my rocker going to Florida to cool off, but it worked. I cooled off in snow and ice in Florida. And I have a new friend too.

This is a sculpture dedicated to my new friend, Olaf!

This is me in front of it. It was a little bit bigger than me by just a tiny bit.

I knew I was in the right place when I saw these signs. I started feeling cooler at once.


We arrived just in time to see the opening ceremonies and Olaf on the big screen under the giant 122 foot tall Sorcerer’s Hat.

Olaf is one funny guy.

We were excited to be part of Frozen Summer Fun. It was exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to find to help me cool off.

When the opening show was over, it snowed on us in the middle of July in Florida.

And that’s just the beginning. Come back next time so I can show you how I got to play in the snow!

love & hugs,


Friday, July 18, 2014

A Conversation with Sebastian

The other day I was out on the porch working on my current project when Sebastian drives up in his Mini. I stopped and took a good long look at him as he parked right in the middle of the floor. I couldn’t quite figure out what he was up to so I had to ask.


Hi there Sebastian. You look like you are going somewhere.

I am. I am packed and ready to go.

Oh yeah? Where are you going?

Someplace that is cool. I would like to take a break from the extreme heat we are having here. It is making my fur sticky.

Ah, I see. So that is why you are wearing a winter hat and scarf.
Where are you planning to go?

I’m going to Florida!

You’re going to Florida?! To escape the heat here?

Yep. I’m heading to Florida in search of a nice cool place to hang out for a few days.

Um . . .Sebastian, if you want to go someplace cool, I don’t think Florida is the best choice, especially in July.

I’m pretty sure I will find a place that is cool – maybe even cold! Maybe I’ll find some snow and ice!

O-ka-a-a-ay. I’m guessing that is why you have your sled with you?

Yep-a-rooni. I’m going to go sledding!

Let me get this straight. You are driving to Florida in your convertible Mini Cooper in search of snow with your sled in the front seat wearing a winter hat and scarf?

You got it lady! Wanna come?

Well . . . I wouldn’t mind a trip to Florida. Maybe I should go along just to keep you company.

Okey dokey. Just make sure you pack some warm clothes.


Now you can see that I had to go along just to see how this whole thing turns out. With Sebastian you just never know! Stay tuned.


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