Saturday, November 4, 2017

A 2017 Christmas Piece – Final Photos

I am excited to share the final photos of my 2017 Christmas piece. It challenged me in so many ways. I wanted to bring together my love of steampunk and my love of Christmas. It goes without saying that a bear is always part of the plan (most of the time!).

Here’s the front with its two ornament windows and unique interlocking gear closure.


A close-up of what you see peering out of one of the windows.


With the French door style front panels open, the inside is revealed. There’s a little steampunk toy soldier bear next to the steampunk Christmas tree.


A side view of the bear with his wind-up key.


The Christmas tree.


Details of one of the sides. In this photo, you get a glimpse of the holly garland with the gear berries.


More details.


It’s hard to choose a favorite bit because I invest so much in each part. I admit that this whole idea revolves around the toy soldier bear.


His leather look jacket and top hat with gear and cog trims took nearly two days but oh so worth it.


I’ll be bringing this piece with me to the Hunt Valley Holiday Show and Sale on Sunday, November 12th. Come out and say hello if you are in the area!


Thursday, November 2, 2017

A 2017 Christmas Piece – Part 2

Taking up where I left off. I began the interior details by working on this cone – or tree. As you can see, this is the same photo from my last post.

For the next stage I added some card stock sections for some texture and detail.

I covered the entire cone.

The next bit was the tricky part. I wanted to add gears, but the ones I had were not flexible at all, so I had to create some. My first attempt with paper clay you see here.

While they were okay, I then experimented with a particular kind of polymer clay and after seeing the much improved results, I started over. The same way. New cone, new card stock. Different approach. I definitely appreciate learning from my mistakes.

I added more gears and more baubles similar to what I had used on the front panels.


Then it was back to black. You know the process.

And adding color. This first stage: green.

By now, you must have guessed I am making a steampunk inspired Christmas piece. It was interesting merging snowflakes and gears.

I added a few other elements including these banners.

Then I decided to make a few more snowflakes from some bits I had on hand.


My next post I will share photos of the completed piece.

As always, thanks for reading!


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