Thursday, March 31, 2011

It’s really not that unheard of.

Sebastian here to tell you about a little itty bitty problem of mine. Please don’t laugh. It’s really not that unheard of. You see I love to read – small books with small print. Only lately things have been sort of fuzzy. Not the fuzzy of a bear kind of fuzzy or even peach fuzzy. Fuzzy as in, well, fuzzy.

You-know-who said I should probably get my eyes checked just to be on the safe side. You know what my first question was, don’t you? “The safe side of what?” I ask you, do I not live a sane and sensible life as it is? Yet, I digress.

Off we went to the eye doctor’s office. Here I am sitting and waiting and sitting and waiting.


After a while, I picked up a magazine with BIG pictures of delicious things to eat. My tummy started to rumble and I started to fidget. I tried to capitalize on it by wheedling a promise of a good ol’ hamburger out of the deal if I would only just be patient.


Then we went into the doctor’s office where it was very dark. He asked me to read the letters off of this chart if I could.


Oopsie. They were fuzzy too. The doctor said I needed some reading glasses – for uh, reading. No joke – that’s exactly what he said. Into the vision center we went to see what I liked. Uh-oh. Big problem. I looked at glasses here . . .


and there . . .


it just didn’t look like there were any that would fit me. Oh dear. How would I ever read The Three Bears again?!?! Then you-know-who spotted these purty things – in just my size.


I picked out my favorite pair and tried them on. They were a perfect fit.


Soon I noticed that I wasn’t the only fuzzy thing there seeing fuzzy things.


My glasses were ready ever so fast and off we went to the burger place.


I even read the menu – out loud – to everyone in the place.


Then, quick as a wink, dinner arrived. I could see that burger even without my glasses!


Now I wonder what a fellow has to do to get some dessert around here?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Let’s review . . .

shall we? Wild notions had me dye this gray with black hairs throughout short mohair


and this navy tipped blue fluffy mohair


a rich rusty brown color. I would not have guessed the results.


I chose two of them to make up into a new teddy – a variation of “Not Sure”. It’s a temporary name. Click here to see the details of that crazy interlude.

And this is the resulting teddy. A mite taller and a mite furrier.


My favorite thing about him is his jingle bell heart.


I’ve got my needle in something else just now. Still waiting for Springtime to be sprung from the pokey – or so I’ve heard. The bears are playing hide and seek inside while the rest of us watch out the window at the much needed rain falling.  I think it’s called bear making weather.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Wonky Weather

Over the weekend, we went to Asheville to visit our daughter. Spring has gone into hiding here in NC and I’m not exactly sure when it will return. So the drive up the mountain was a little rainy and somewhat foggy.


Undeterred by the weather, we drove to Weaverville to have a very delicious lunch at a bakery there.


It was very busy – a sign of a good reputation.


We poked around Asheville for a while and soon it was time for afternoon coffee at a very cool coffee shop I’ve mentioned here before.


Note the photo above is from a previous visit.  We did not see the sun.

It is a pour-over coffee bar and it is really interesting to watch them brew a cup of coffee that way. It takes some time so it’s not for those in a rush.


It’s a favorite place of ours to sip a mocha, enjoy good company and interesting conversation.


As for what’s on the work table today, I’m working on the second piece of dyed mohair from two posts back. Maybe if all goes well, I’ll have something to photograph soon.

In the meantime, if our Springtime is hiding out in your neighborhood, would you kindly tell her that we miss her and can’t wait for her to return. Thank you.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Not sure.











This little guy is made from the short mohair that I mentioned
in my last post. I’m still not sure what his name is.
Just don’t get them started.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I began the day with a bit of dithering. What to do? (Oh, yeah, I have a list but I sometimes like to deviate a bit from my assignments.) Dithering. Y’all don’t do that do ya?

Anyway, it is Spring here. It seems like that should be followed by an ‘at last’! I have most of the windows open to let in that fabulous fresh air and sunshine. In the distance, I hear the tinkle-y music of an ice cream truck. I can hardly believe it!

And I dyed today. Please note the spelling.

I started with the relatively sane idea of aiming for a pale pink for a small project that just popped into my head with the weather. Although the two are totally unrelated, I think.

Then I got this notion (note to self: be wary of notions) – to dip a few other pieces of mohair into the dye pot while I’ve got all the fixin’s out.

I started with this gray and wanted to change only the hair of the mo, not the backing. Maybe I’d get something I could use to make some older looking bears. There’s that notion.


Then I thought “Well, heck, let’s dye something else and see what happens.” Like this blue.


Then I began to poke around for something else to dip in the pot. Another gray with some black hairs.


This is how they turned out in the end.


You can still see the backings if you look at the folds. The blue backing isn’t as intense but it’s still a powdery blue. And what was once gray mohair is now a sort of rusty brown with a different colored back.


I’m not sure how these will make up into bears or what pattern I should use. Should I aim for the old loved bear look?  Or just a regular bear?  Oh, gee-whiz . . . maybe I’m not through dithering after all.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Today, while we have been enjoying mild weather and sunny skies, I thought back to those recently cold and windy days we spent in London. Looking back through our photos I came across these few I thought I would share.


They are from a couple of Cath Kidston shops, taken while we were in London and towns nearby.


I had wanted to visit one of these stores as soon as I knew we were going since we don’t have any here in the USA.


We were hanging out enjoying friendly company traipsing through Tunbridge Wells, when we happened upon the first shop.


Did I want to go in? Absolutely.


It would be pretty cool if there was one here, right down the road,


next to a coffee shop, a bookstore and a place that sells teddy bear mohair. I mean as long as I’m dreaming . . .


Friday, March 18, 2011

Fuzzy creatures?

This time of year Disney World hosts Epcot’s International Flower and Garden Festival. Have I seen it? No, but it would be nice to be in Florida this time of year – warm and sunny. My son has the good fortune to be able to stroll through the flower displays and the topiaries at leisure and he took some photos which he gave me permission to share here. I thought you might enjoy seeing a different kind of fuzzy creature for a change. There’s a bear or two among them you might recognize.


Lady and the Tramp


Winnie the Pooh


Tigger, too!


Piglet on Eeyore


Part of a Panda Family in “China”


Panda baby


Lotso from Toy Story


Peter Pan


And lastly, Stitch. If I have my facts straight, these are just a few of the many artful displays at the festival. I think it would be cool to see them in person – uh, in real life.

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