Monday, March 23, 2015

Back in the Studio

I haven’t wasted any time getting back into the studio after our trip to the West coast. I’ve finished one piece for a gallery at the Philadelphia show the first weekend in May. And now I am currently working on another one. More on that in a bit.

I’ve sorted through loads of photos on my camera from the last few days and have chosen a few to give a glimpse into what I’ve been up to lately.

First up, we actually had a couple of days of really gorgeous weather and so we made the most of it. The first break I took from my studio work we walked over to the coffee shop and took a couple of buddies.

When we settled back down to life here in Raleigh after the jetlag had dissipated, one of my goals was to make a pair of wings. I decided to test out a new method for making them which turned out to be quite fun. When I post the finished piece in a couple of weeks, I show you how they turned out.

A few new bears have made an appearance - these two seemed to be saying “Hi! How are ya?! Haven’t seen you in a while!”

The next photos are the first stages of my current project. This is the first time I’ve made a surface like this to work on, but it was fun to do.

I started with a piece of foam core cut to the size and shape I wanted to use.

Then I cut some chip board strips to cover the edges.

I followed that up by cutting a chipboard piece for the top.

Here it is all glued and ready for the next stage.

As it goes in my studio sometimes, I started this piece back in August but other things interrupted my progress.  Usually when that happens, it turns out to be beneficial.  What I’m doing now is totally different from what I would have done back then which was just a few months ago.  I already like it much better. 

This photo shows the ‘get-everything-that-I-might-possibly-use-on-the-table’ stage.  The funny thing is that I also had a bunch of stuff on my table upstairs too.  Of course, there’s no way to use everything, nor would I want to, but I do like options and possibilities.  That’s just part of the fun.

Now I’ve got a sunny afternoon and the light is good and the temperature on the porch is pleasant so I better make the most of the opportunity.  More to come  on this one.  Stay tuned!


Friday, March 13, 2015

Sebastian (that’s me!) Visits Disneyland & California Adventure

Hi ho. As promised (I’m a bear of my word you know) I’m back with photos from my California adventure to California Adventure & Disneyland. It was a very quick trip – just one day and I had to pack a lot of seein’ & doin’ into not very many hours. I made the most of very minute I had to be sure.

Here’s Sleeping Beauty’s castle.  The colors are awesome!

This is me with a small statue of Chip and Dale,  my favorite chipmunks.

If you look very closely, you can see me sitting atop the fence post.  I don’t know who those other two characters are.

It’s me and Mater from Cars.  He was just a little guy – in the petting zoo.

See that roller coaster in the background.  I rode that and let me tell you I wasn’t the one who was doin’ all the screamin’.

These next few photos are of me and Oswald.  I LOVE Oswald.  He is so very nice and very cute too.  And I think he liked me just a little too.  I want to go back and say hello again someday.  Maybe by then I’ll have me some Oswald ears.  Wouldn’t that be cool?


I know it’s hard to see me in this photo but I am in it.  I’m right there on Mickey’s suitcase just beside his shoe.

I couldn’t leave without saying a personal hello to Mickey!  I love how he rocks those suspenders with the big buttons and his cap! Oh my!  I’m going to have to check with my wardrobe consultant and see if she can rustle up some suspenders and a cap for me.  Mickey Mouse – oh how I miss you already.

These lighted balloons were so cool, especially the ones of Baymax from Big Hero 6.  They looked almost like the real thing.  I wanted one but getting it home on the airplane would have been a definite problem.

Finally, the castle at night.  I didn’t get to see everything therefore, I have put out a decree that, in no uncertain terms, we will be returning and doing it all over again plus the things we didn’t get to do this time.

love & hugs,


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Beary Nice Link Between LA and Berlin by Sebastian

Hi ho my dear friends! Since it was my first time in California I thought a trip to Griffith Park would be a nice adventure. Little did I know that Griffith Park has a beary nice link between Berlin and Los Angeles. Having been to Berlin and now to Los Angeles, I thought that was kinda cool.


First, here’s the sign to prove I really was there. Can you see me?


Here I am again. I had fun climbing all over the letters.


Now to explain about the LA – Berlin link. They are sister cities and Berlin presented this sculpture to Los Angeles.


I had a ball posing for these pictures.


Here’s a photo taken along one of the paths we walked. I love saying that even though I didn’t really walk myself!


This is me in a very cool tree. I am excited to be able to add this one to my collection of “Me in Trees” photos.


After a while, we took a very curvy drive to the very tiptop of the mountain to take in the view.


Check out this photo looking in the opposite direction.  It’s thee very famous Hollywood sign and was very cool to see.


I was one busy little bear that day but that wasn’t the end of my adventure.  I’ll be back again with some fun photos. I hope you don’t mind if I retain control of bearbits for a little while longer.  Afterwards maybe I’ll take a nap or a walk, or play on the swings.

love & hugs,


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Few Pictures of Me in California – by Sebastian.

Hi ho everyone! Sebastian here. I thought I would share a few photos from the time I recently spent in California. California is a big state so I feel like I have dipped only a tiny bit of one paw into seeing all there is to see there. It’s a good reason to return as often as possible but let me begin with just a simple little cup of coffee

which we had at this unique little coffee shop near where one of my favorite people now lives – just a little over 2000 miles from where she used to live in Asheville, NC.

It had friendly people

and although I wasn’t able to try them, supposedly, the best French fries in all of LA. That’s short for Los Angeles.

That same day we were out and about and decided to take a ride over to Hollywood Boulevard. It’s a very busy place with tourists checking out the Walk of Fame. That’s where celebrities and people of note have their names in stars in the sidewalk. I looked for mine but I couldn’t find it.

I absolutely insisted we find this one though and take a photo

for my very good friend and special Audrey fan, Elanor, who lives all the way across the pond from me. I hope she likes it.

That’s not all my photos but it will have to do for now because I am a jet lagged bear and I think my pillow and blanket are calling my name. I’ll be back again and maybe we can chat some more.

love & hugs,


Friday, March 6, 2015

Last Full Day of Driving

Day Five on the road to California and our last full day of driving. Our cross-country odyssey is nearly over.  I think Sebastian is ready to switch up the adventure to something that doesn’t involve riding nearly every daylight hour.

We began the day in New Mexico, passed through Arizona and ended the day in California.

Here are a few shots of various landscapes we passed through.

The views were beautiful in every direction.

I think I had always dreamed of driving all the way across the country from one coast to the other,


but I’m not sure I ever thought it would happen and for sure, I never imagined the trip would materialize in the form of moving our daughter to the other side of it.


This sign was the one we had in our sights since first time we climbed into the truck.

Now the other part of the adventure begins.

love & hugs,

signature   &   sebastiansigns

Thursday, March 5, 2015

On the Road to California – Day 4

Here we are at Day 4 of our grand adventure westward.  At this point we have more behind us than we have ahead of us.  We began Day 4 in Abilene, Texas.  Again another gray day but no rain for which we were thankful.

Texas is a very large state and the landscape was varied.  At first we saw a lot of these wind turbines, mostly around Sweetwater.

We saw many of these 5 years ago when we went to Iowa.  Even having seen them before their size and quiet whishing is still impressive.

We also saw a lot of oil wells.  We were in Texas after all.  Sometimes we saw wind turbines and oil wells in the same field.

The land is vast and expansive which is reflected in the highest speed limit we have seen in our travels in the US.


As you can see in the photo above and the one below, we began to see a little bit of blue in the sky and the flat land gave way to mountains rising in the distance.

Then, finally, a Texas mountain under a nice blue sky!


Soon the sun began to set and it was dark when we crossed into New Mexico.  I made a valiant attempt to take a photo of the welcome sign.  Use your imagination on this one.


Thus ends our travels on Day 4.

love & hugs,

signature   &   sebastiansigns

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