Monday, February 29, 2016

Me in Disneyland–Part 2

Hi ho everyone. It me, Sebastian for a quick post for Part 2 of Me in Disneyland. Here are a few photos of the friends I met while I was there. Some were new to me and some I had met previously. ALL of them were fabulous!

This is when I was introduced to Oswald.  I LOVE Oswald!mid-p2_9

Here we are just the two of us having a little “nice to meet you” moment.mid-p2_10

And here we all are together.
(And just so you know, I think someone else likes Oswald too!)mid-p2_11

This is the three of us with Daisy – she was so much fun!mid-p2_8

And a close-up of me sitting in Daisy’s hands.  A memory to cherish.mid-p2_7

Next, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Goofy.  He is very tall and I love his suit.
Very spiffy.  He was also very fun!

I had been waiting and waiting to meet Olaf!  Last time the line was so long that we had no hope of getting close to him.  This time we were lucky!  He had just come out and we were nearly the first in line.  Olaf is T-riffic!

At breakfast the last day, we ate lots of Mickey waffles and enjoyed the company of Meeko.  It was my first time meeting him and he’s so cute.

Another chance to hang out with Dale (Chip too but I didn’t get a photo.)  Loved the scarf – so appropriate for the Storyteller’s Cafe.

Then we met Kenai from Brother Bear.  I could hardly contain my excitement!

My last photo requires a little bit of an explanation.  This is Donna, the Mayor of Buena Vista Street in the California Adventure Park.  We happened to be waiting on some benches when she stopped to chat.  She was very entertaining and it definitely made a memory for all of us.  BUT, I was the only one who was fortunate enough to have my photo made with her.  She was charming and my goal the next time I visit is to find her again and have a really good photo taken.  Hey, Donna!  It was a pleasure meeting you. 

I will add that I rode every ride that was ridden – some of them had loopy-de-loops and tasted every Mickey shaped treat that was purchased.  I also watched two parades and still I didn’t see everything I wanted to see.  If I can talk you-know-who into it, maybe she will post some of the cool parade photos.  In the meantime, I’m going to make a list of all the things I want to do next time.  And there WILL be a next time, if I have to get in my little mini cooper and drive myself there.  Until next time . . .

love & hugs,


Thursday, February 25, 2016

Me in Disneyland - Part 1

Hi ho everyone. It’s me, Sebastian. I’ve missed you all but I am back now and ready to tell you all about my grand adventure. I’ve been to California! And to Disneyland! I am here to share a few photos from my trip.

One of the neatest things that let me know that I was exactly in the right spot was when I was sitting on the balcony of my friend’s hotel room at Disneyland. This was the view:

And this is what it looks like from inside the park. Does this not say to you “Bears are welcome here”?

Thanks Miss K for letting me use these two photos. My photographer dropped the ball and I came out all blurry.

My first day in Disneyland Istarted off with a hearty breakfast with my friends. Not the ones I came with (including you-know-who) but my Disney friends. Here are a few photos of us:



Then it was off to watch the parade. It was terrific! So colorful and lively. One of these days I am going to ride on a float in a Disney parade – even if it’s only in my dreams.

I wish I could have brought you all with me but my suitcase was a Ziploc bag and there wasn’t much room at all in my traveling pocket.

More later.

love & hugs to you all,


Friday, February 12, 2016

Heartfelt Valentine Box

I saw this glass heart ornament on a recent trip down memory lane – in a way. We took a day to revisit a city where we used to live. I ventured into a sweet little shop and found it waiting. I had no idea what I would do with it at the time.


Once home I deposited it on my desk where I saw it every day until it occurred to me that it really should be part of a special Valentine piece.  I started with this unfinished box.

I added a texture of swirls and curves – just right for Valentine’s.

Then it was time to take the plunge and cut the hole for the glass heart.

And a sweet little frame to go around it.

Then it was time for paint.  This is how I began.

Some transferred quotes for the edges and another frame for the inside.

The next few days I spent working on the itty bitty details for the inside including these well recognized candy heart boxes.


The next project was making some heart-shaped boxes (for chocolates!)


I spent quite a bit of time cutting out teeny weeny hearts – 72 in all.

There were also some tiny children’s Valentines and Victorian valentines – my favorite.

I had been saving this ornate heart-shaped frame – now I know why.  It was the perfect spot for it.

Here is the Heartfelt Valentine box completed.

The Front


The Inside


The Left Side


The Right Side


The Bear that Lives Inside . . .


(or perhaps just stands in front!)


If you want to see larger photos of this piece, check out this link:

To all of you – Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


Monday, February 1, 2016

This That and the Other

I was looking at photos on my camera and realized that I’ve taken a lot recently but I hadn’t posted any here. So today what we have on tap is This That and the Other - a mash-up or a mixed bag or whatever you want to call it.

First, a few of photos from our visit to the Chinese Lantern Festival. I saw the advertisement and immediately put it on my list of things to do before they go away. If you know anything about me, you know I love twinkling lights, fairy lights, Christmas lights, lantern lights – and well, these were extra special.




Then there’s this:


It was my mom’s but before that it was my great aunt’s. It was built on August 6, 1914 – over 100 years ago. It’s in really rough shape so I’m not sure that it will ever sew again but the base is nice, so we might do something with it – a table perhaps.

The following was unplanned. I got a notion and dove right in. Sort of like Dug the dog from the Disney movie UP, “Squirrel!”

It’s a work in progress but I continue to document its evolution so there will be additional photos as time goes on.

On Saturday, I was on my hands and knees with a different project altogether. It was like putting together a puzzle without a picture to go by and no idea how to go about it. I actually had to look up a mathematical formula. My brain got tired! More on this in the weeks to come – I hope.

And finally, this little guy. Put the last stitch in just a few minutes ago.

And that is that. I hope all is well in your little corner of the world. Thanks for reading!


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