Thursday, August 29, 2013

Photos from my Work Table

Welcome Friday! Welcome the Weekend! Here are a few photos taken at various times over the last few days from my work table. They seem fairly random I know. But it is my job to make some sort of reasonable sense of all these things. I should qualify that I suppose. Reasonable sense in my world . . .

The inside of the box so far.  I tried a new adhesive this time around.  Now I am asking it “where have you been all my life?”  No response so far, but if the adhesive does start talking, you know I am in serious trouble.


I love these curls all on their own but I have plans for them – big plans.  Well, maybe not big plans.  Maybe they are medium plans – or even perhaps, small plans  But I have plans, really, of some sort.


Recognize this piece from before?  I mean a previous post – not too far back. It’s undergoing a bit of a transformation – crossed fingers that it transforms into something useful and does not end up sitting over in the corner going, “I could have been something and I missed my change.”


I know you wonder what I do all day.  The truth comes out.  I take perfectly nicely painted curls and spend copious amounts of time adding little white dots to them. (And . . . I would do it again!)


The jury is still out on this experiment.  I am going to find out pretty quickly whether or not this is going to turn out like I hope it will.  One of these little babies is going to have to be a guinea pig – and either end up a hero or a tribute to “learning from one’s mistakes”.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Details to Help ‘Illustrate’ the Story

This weekend I made more progress on the box I began a few posts back. These photos show its evolution but in these pictures, the changes are not as dramatic as they are in real life.

Layer 1.

For starters, let me qualify that this is the back of the box. Some might question expending this much time and effort on the back of a piece, but over time I have gotten to where I want the whole piece to illustrate the ‘story’ as much as possible.

Layers 2 & 3.

I always seem to have doubts about where I am going with a piece before I get to this stage.  I think it’s that scary initial commitment until I get rolling and then it’s just plain fun – making decisions on what stays and what goes and if it’s working for me.

From the top.

I find it amusing to look down at the table top – does it really take all these supplies?  I guess the answer is yes if you factor in the miscalls and miscalculations and the loads of foam and bristle brushes I go through because I don’t want to wait for them to dry when I change colors, mediums or my mind.

A close-up.

The above photo is a close up.  This is the result of  torn paper, glue, cheesecloth, paint, heat gun, molding paste and more paint.  Just the effect I was after.

And below you can see most of the back panel.  It actually came out like I had hoped but better than I anticipated.  Does that makes sense?  I hope the rest of it comes together with much the same results.


Finally, we capped off the weekend with a visit to ‘Grandpa’s’ house as my dad is known to everyone.  I’m calling the following photo “Sunday Afternoon”.



Thursday, August 22, 2013

My New Partner in Crime – by Sebastian

Hi ho. Sebastian here. I wanted to introduce you to my new partner in crime. Here he is.


His name is Topher – pronounced: tō'-fur


The photo below was taken when he was just a tiny thing a few short weeks ago. He’s still small but not as small.


I knew I was going to like him right away because he is willing to share some of my responsibilities.  Like being cute. That’s a big job for me and I am happy to have some help.


Also, looking innocent. That “Who me?” look he’s got is going to really come in handy down the road. I can see it now.


I think it will be useful to have someone with whom I can trade off sentry duty. When I am not keeping an eye on things, he can take over and vice versa. It looks like he can sleep anytime, anywhere.


I am going to teach him all kinds of neat stuff – like how to get up on the comfiest seats in the house. Here we are during his first lesson.

I thought it would be fun to take him for a ride in my mini but after he got in there wasn’t any room for me so maybe he’s not quite as small as I thought.

Anyway, I will try to keep him out of trouble and if I have any difficulties with that I will revert to Plan B: Look sweet and innocent. (That’s gets them every time.)



Monday, August 19, 2013

Photos from my Current WIP

This is definitely a Halloween piece. And it is progressing in a very odd fashion.

Love this paper!

Sometimes I create the setting first and sometimes I create the bear first.

Test run of an old technique with a new twist.

This time I am doing bits of one thing and then bits of another at the same time.

Some of the backwards bit. Usually I leave the edges for later.

I don’t know whether it is because I have an idea that I want to see manifest

Parts of two different details on the box made from the same pieces.

or because I am doing the stages of the box somewhat backwards.

This shows the kind of crazy I am.  Piece on the right is the original finish but it’s too shiny for me
so I ‘redid’ it to have more of a cast iron finish look to it.

The order of the setting construction makes no difference really because I am also creating the last bits of the bear before I have the bear done. Very odd.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Travel and Inspiration

Are they related?

It’s kind of obvious that this was taken inside but . . .

I recently read somewhere that in fact they are related - that travel encourages inspiration.

it’s not so obvious that this is also inside.  Amazing effect, eh?

But I don’t think you have to go very far at all to travel.

In Tomorrowland – I love it!

I think the intention is to get out of your normal space and see things in a new and different way.

Maybe it’s just going outside or down the street and back – or turning in circles.

These two photos are also inside spaces – looks like a real drive-in to me!

We have now returned from our latest trip away and I’ve come home with some inspiration.  I think it will keep me occupied and out of trouble (maybe) for a while.


I know that the summer days will end soon enough and the cold days of winter lay ahead – not that I want to rush it of course. Still, I will appreciate having some ideas stowed away when the weather might not be so encouraging.

A special requested bear that is in the works.  

These photos make it look like a bunch of unrelated stuff with no rhyme or reason. But – in my head, it all makes sense. At least I hope in the end, it will make sense or at least be interesting.


The thing I have to hold on to is the lesson I learned last time which is not to throw in the towel too early in the game no matter how quixotic it seems or how many snags I hit.


Now that I’ve said all that – let’s see if I can be accountable with the next few things in the line-up.

Until next time . . .have a great Thursday from all of us!


Monday, August 12, 2013

Full of Character

Hi ho. Sebastian here. Boy oh boy, do I have some funny photos to show you! Our days were full of interesting characters. I wish you could have some along with us to meet them all. It was a blast.

First we met Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters. What a hoot! Can you see me sitting on one of the sister’s shoulders?

Just seeing these photos again makes me double over in laughter. Look at their expressions! This is one family you definitely must meet for yourself. I think I will declare myself their #1 fan!

Then a little later on I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Minnie and Daisy. Minnie was so sweet to me – even though she is a big, big star. That is what’s so terrific about meeting these folks; they make each person (or bear) feel important even if we are very, very small sometimes.

Here’s Daisy with all of us as she was preparing to tell a few fortunes. She must have foreseen that we were coming. Our time with Daisy, who was adorable, was much too short. I will have to return for another visit. I wonder if she can tell me when that will be.

Here’s a little quiz for you. No, I am not going to ask you who these pretty ladies are. Everyone knows that they are Rapunzel, Aurora and Cinderella. I am going to ask you what time these photos were taken.

Okay, it’s a trick question. It was after midnight! I know! They didn’t act or look one bit like it had been a long day greeting their fans.

Each was so kind and well, I have to say, they made me blush a little. I felt a little bit like a real prince. I’m glad I don’t have to choose between them. That would be nearly impossible!

Later on, in a complete change of pace, we happened upon this guy. What a great sport he was too! Not everyone can carry off this shade of green but I have to say it was definitely his color.


Then we had a great stroke of luck meeting Phineas and Ferb. The line to have your photo taken with them was very short for a change.

When I look at cartoons, I like to watch these two. They give me lots of ideas for making things even though you-know-who says it would be best if I proceeded with caution, whatever that means. A great couple of fun guys.

Lastly, on the way out of Hollywood Studios the other day we met these two ladies. They looked as if they didn’t want to be noticed but they consented to have their picture made anyway. I think they were movie stars! You see how well she carries off that mustache? I think I’m going to have to give ‘someone’ some lessons.

I promise we took photos of things besides people and if ‘someone’ gets her act together, maybe I can convince her to post them here so I can show you what I’ve been doing these last few days.

Your friend,


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