Thursday, November 28, 2013

I’m thankful for . . .

so many things that I cannot begin to list them all here. If I did I would have to begin with the air I breathe and the sunrise. Somewhere along the way, going chronologically, I would have to include my family which right now is scattered from coast to coast, from North to South, celebrating Thanksgiving with family. You know how families stretch and reach to include. Then there are the more practical things like food and shelter and then the impractical ones like dessert! And things to create and books to read and hands to hold.

See? It’s quite an endless list. So I am going to include three familiar faces in this post because I am also thankful for smiles and laughter and these 3 guys really make me laugh.




Oh, and one more thing. See this?


It’s a mirror. I’m not sure exactly how it will work, but if you can, try to see your reflection in it and add what you see there to my list of things I am thankful for.

Now if you are looking for a fun read, Sebastian says you might enjoy the tale about the time he saved a turkey from Thanksgiving. Just click here.

So from all of us here at bearbits to all of you reading

Have a Happy Happy Thanksgiving!


Monday, November 25, 2013

One Down, One to Go

It’s a nice feeling to finish a project and clean up all the bits that came out while it was under construction. Everything gets put away (mostly) and surfaces are tidied and neat (mostly). It’s like wiping the slate clean.


The only thing about that putting away part is that the things that get put away are also where a lot of my inspiration comes from – those little nuggets of ideas that can turn into grand undertakings. Every stage of these creations has its rewards.


The idea stage is full of possibilities. There are so many directions one can take. Which one will it be? Then there’s the beginning; the disassembling of a box, that first brush of paint or the tracing of a pattern. Soon, there is being in the thick of it with hopes of a successful end but surrounded with doubt because at the moment it just doesn’t seem to look like it could turn into anything worthwhile.


Which brings me back to where I am at the moment: one down (The Christmas Clock) and one to go. Actually, there are several that I would like to finish – the ideas are there, even a few beginnings have been made which I have shown here on bearbits. We shall see how far along I get.


Speaking of The Christmas Clock – I have added it to my available bears page which is pretty much what you have seen here on my blog but without the story. Story here, other details there.


So what’s with all the rhinoceroses? Oh that. I learned something yesterday. Did you know that a group of rhinoceroses is called a crash? (By the way, I had to look up how to spell the plural of rhinoceros. I mean it could have been rhinoceri or rhinoceries. Hopefully, I’ve got it right.) And how is this useful information for you? I thought it was a tidbit you could drop in conversations here and there.  Like when you are at the checkout and making small talk with the clerk you can nonchalantly weave it into conversation like “I was just out in the parking lot and I saw this crash of rhinoceroses”. Then she or he might say something like “Rhinos crashed in the parking lot??!!”  Then you could say “No. Rhinos didn’t crash in the parking lot.  There is a crash of rhinos in the parking lot.”  Then they’ll say, “Isn’t that just what I asked??!!”  Then you can go on to explain how a group of rhinos is called a crash.  I’m pretty sure they’ll be impressed by your knowledge.


Thanksgiving is only a few days hence. Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la follows soon after!


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Christmas Clock

At last, I present photos of my most recently finished bears&boxes project, The Christmas Clock. This time around I think I will let the photos speak for themselves before telling the story at the end. I hope you enjoy it.











The Christmas Clock

A long time ago when clocks were wound at the end of each day with a key, this clock held pride of place on the mantel in the modest home of a generous family. Every year at Christmas, they spent time and money on acts of charity. It might be serving meals to the poor or giving warm coats and shoes to those in need.

In order to be able to give to others, this family refrained from buying gifts for each other. Instead they celebrated Christmas by making a tiny representation of a gift they would give to someone in the family if they had the money. They would place these gifts inside the clock. The father often hung tiny ornaments for his wife because he knew she loved Christmas. The children had big dreams of being able to give their father a house in the country so they created tiny little houses to go inside the clock. Once, the father carved a tiny wooden rocking horse for his youngest child and a little wooden soldier for his son.

One year the mother realized that her children had never had a teddy bear. She thought that “every child should have at least one teddy” so she set out to make them one – even if it was a small one that lived in the Christmas Clock.

In time, the family was able to afford both their charitable efforts and Christmas gifts for each other. Even so, every Christmas eve it remained a tradition to leave a little gift inside the clock and every Christmas morning, they opened the doors to see what new thing had been added.

The key to this clock was lost a long time ago when the family moved to the countryside. And though the clock could no longer be wound, it was placed proudly on the mantel in their new home and opened each Christmas day. The key that hangs inside it now is not the original. It was added the year one of the children decided the Christmas Clock was so much like a member of the family it needed a gift too!

The End

As always, thanks for visiting bearbits!


Monday, November 18, 2013

I Could Be an Agent

Hi ho. Sebastian here. I’m filling in today while Ginger takes photos. I think she expects to post them here soon but we shall see.


In the meantime, I thought I would get your take on my new theory. You see The Toph and I have been spending lots of time together and the more I look at him the more I see how he resembles a few famous actors.  Perhaps you will agree. To start with, I had to explain to him what I had in mind. It involved a comb.


“You want me to do what? You’ve got to be kidding me.”


  “Oh, be a good sport.  It’ll be fun.”  He finally agreed because he’s nice like that.

First there was this. I call this the Leonardo.

icbaa_4   icbaa_5

Next up, the Rob.


Here I styled him in the Elijah.

icbaa_9   icbaa_10

I think he carries off the George with as much grace as the original.

icbaa_11   icbaa_12

Finally, we have the Ashton. He’s looks good in this one. Very nonchalant.

icbaa_13   icbaa_14

He was very agreeable if not a little bored at times, but what do you expect? Sitting for a stylin’ isn’t part of his day-to-day.


“I’m thinking we could work some pretty sweet deals.  Cookies for me and doggie biscuits for you.  What do you think, Toph?”


“Okay, well you can get back to me on that.”


Friday, November 15, 2013


If you were here, there are things in every room that are underway in one way or another.  For instance, recently this doll was unearthed from ages past. Not mine but I kinda, sorta remember her and her friends. She needs a little sprucing up.

Then around and about you might see this underfoot.

One of Topher’s toys that is nearly as big as he is. He thinks he’s bagged a big one when he carries this around. This could also be filed under ‘untidy’.

These are ‘unread’ – well, not completely. I’ve got book marks in them at various places. These are most definitely underway but not as underway as I would wish them to be. There is still some inspiration to be discovered, a murder to be solved, a joke to be read and some thoughts to be thunk.

This teddy I’ve just recently finished – so he’s classified as unadorned and also unnamed.

And these shoes – at last, untied.

That, my friends, is all until next time,


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nose in Project

I have had my nose in this project for a while now and what it looks like at this moment is more than what these photos show. I feel I am getting closer to pulling it altogether – at least that is my intention. Let me just say that there is more behind me than I anticipate being ahead of me.


It hasn’t been without its challenges and I expect there will be a few more along the way. 

For example, when I was working one part, my husband came along, saw the state of things and asked, “What happened?!” Yes, intentional acts sometimes look like disasters. Even knowing where I am going, I sometimes have my doubts.


A few people might say it makes things exciting and others say it’s crazy making. I’m fairly certain that I can’t tell the difference.


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