Tuesday, February 18, 2020

BookNook – a bears&boxes piece

For the last few weeks I have been working on several projects at the same time. I completed this one recently, sent it to the recipient and can now share the details of its evolution.

Jay created the basic box – although basic doesn’t necessarily mean simple. It is a concept that I have used previously – where the shelves “close”.


Here’s a photo of where I began with the exterior treatment of the piece. Some areas are masked off for things to be added later. In this instance, a window, hinges and the title of the piece.


Applying the texture is a time intensive endeavor mostly due to the time it takes it to dry.


After the texture is applied and dry on the exterior of the box, I move to painting it. The outside colors coordinate with the scheme on the interior.



Once complete, I move to the inside of the box. I cut and bend card stock to fit and add it to the inside in a very specific order. At the same time, I worked on the shelves on either side adding paper and paint.


The next detail I worked on was the upholstered bench window seat. A little tricky with the sizing and the addition of padding and fabric, but it all came together.


After the exterior and the interior are finished, I move on to the details of the interior. In this case, there were loads and loads of tiny books to be covered and placed on the shelves.



There were other details as well like the three-dimensional items I created that represent a few of the books that will be on displace underneath the window seat. This bit is for “The Beauty and the Beast”.  Beside it, the makings of a small snow globe for  a shelf.




Of course, there’s a teddy bear who occupies this BookNook and he reads to his three little friends.


I also created a couple of shadow boxes that hung on the wall along with a few other pictures, related to some the teddy’s favorite books.


Here is the one side of the finished piece, BookNook.


Here you see it fully open.


Below is the center section of this box.  Making the decisions on where all the items should be placed is one of the most time consuming things.


In the photo below, you can see a bit of the exterior and how it coordinates with the interior.


A view of the other side of the closed box with the open shelves.


This is Kurt who loves books – just like me.


Thank you for dropping by and checking out my most recent bears&boxes piece.  I hope you enjoyed this window into my process.  Yeah, a bit nuts at times but I’m used to it.


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