Thursday, May 31, 2012

Some Faces

Just to remind myself that I have been doing something productive in the last few weeks, I created montage of fairly recently finished faces. Some I have posted here previously and others might be new. When the desk is a disaster area and there are a few characters in various stages waiting for me, it helps to look back and see a few friends that are complete.



Monday, May 28, 2012

P-s-s-t. I have a collection.

Hi there! It’s me, Sebastian writing. I come here today to share with you all, my nearest and dearest, that yes, I am a collector. It’s not something that is widely known about me. In fact, very, very few people are aware of it.

It all happened rather haphazardly when I was browsing through all the photos of yours truly when I noticed there were quite a number of pictures of me in trees. Yes, that’s right. I said Sebastian in trees. That is the name of my collection of photos of me in various trees.

It’s an ongoing thing – these photos. If I see an unusual tree, or if I am looking for something novel to entertain me, I might just jump right up onto a low branch and say, “Take my picture!” And someone, somewhere, almost always obliges me.

Anywho, I thought I would show you a few of the pix in my collection. I try to have one made from a distance and one close-up so you can see a bit of the landscape but also so you can see that is it really and truly me and not some strange growth on the bark.

I hope you like them, because well, you know, you all are my friends and I wanted to share. Here we go:

This is me in a tree in Florida with Spanish moss.  Don’t you just love the looks of it?

This very unusual tree was in Canterbury, England.  Can you see me?

How about now?  What a very interesting tree that was!

This photo was taken at Easter in Sarah P. Duke Gardens.  It didn’t take much effort for me to climb on this very, very low branch.

There I am!  What a lovely day that was!

You might remember this one because “someone” dipped into my collection for a blog post a few months back.  That’s okay though.  You know I like to share.  Can you find me in this one – even though it’s a tree that has fallen over?

Ha ha!  It’s almost like camouflage!  This photo was taken in Cedarock Park.

This was taken on the same day in the same park.  Do you know how many trees there are in a park?  Well, I don’t know exactly, but it’s a lot.

I think this tree was just the right shape for me.  In fact, I nearly fell asleep!

This last one was taken around the Christmas season.  I wish I could tell you that this was real snow and real berries but they weren’t.  I’m not terribly particular about these sorts of details in most cases. 

Anyway, that’s my collection so far.  See you next time!

With love and hugs,sebastian

Night Lights

I am doing this post in reverse because here, in the USA, it is Memorial Day and it seems very fitting to start at the end - the end of the Disney World Electric Light Parade. I know it isn’t exactly a Memorial Day float but it does give a nod to patriotism and that’s what Memorial Day honors – a day to remember those who have served our country protecting our freedom.

My son’s photo. Thanks dear!

Before that red white and blue float signaled the end of the parade there were other night lights. Like these sort of other worldly ones in Tomorrowland

nl_2Also my son’s photo. Thanks dear!

and the beautiful lights surrounding Dumbo, the Flying Elephant ride.

I never tire of seeing the castle lit up in evening so I’m going to share this one with you of it reflected in the water. It just never gets old for me – so magical.

We also had our first look at the new Castle Light Show, which I like to refer to as castle wrapping. They seemed to have mastered a way to use projections to change its appearance. It is so very, very cool. I promise to do better next time on the photography – just another reason to go back. (Or do I really need one?)

Rounding out my last couple of night light shots are two more of Electric Light Parade floats. This one showcases Pinocchio

and the first one in the parade featured Tinker Bell. Well, I did say I was doing this post in reverse.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!
I hope you will join me in taking time to remember those who served.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Changes & a Peek at the Future

While we were visiting Disney World, we looked at the plan for the New Fantasyland area.

If you take a ride on Dumbo you have a nice vantage point for seeing some of the construction on the new section which they expect to open much of later this year.

Here’s a glimpse of the part of the construction. You can see the Beast’s Castle (from Beauty and the Beast) in the distance.

Here’s a closer look courtesy of my son who has a camera that can really zoom in on something far, far away.

Here are a couple of photos of the turrets being built as part of the entry way to the new area. I think this sort of thing is fascinating! I always did like to explore houses under construction.

You can get an idea of how they are supposed to look when they are finished in this section of the drawing.

On another front, Snow White’s Scary Adventures ride which opened in 1971 is set to close this coming week. More changes are up and coming.

When one ride closes, another one opens. Oh, that’s supposed to be doors, isn’t it? A similar concept perhaps?  In any case, this is just a small glimpse of what’s going on at Disney World. I’m looking forward to seeing the new stuff when it opens!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sebastian meets Merida

This is the first post that Sebastian and I are writing together. I think I am in charge of the facts and Sebastian is in charge of the fervor. Sebastian’s contributions are in teal.

Pixar has a new movie coming out in June called Brave and its heroine is Merida. We were lucky to meet her in the Magic Kingdom today.  Isn’t she lovely?


Some characters just have their own special way of impressing you and I would say this one was one of the nicest, most patient ones we have met. I’ll agree with that – she was really nice.  Really nice.  Really, really, really nice. Isn’t she lovely?

We don’t know her story completely but Sebastian is already asking for posters to hang on the wall. I think he’s got a bit of a crush.  Be still my heart.  Hey what are all those other people waiting for?  It’s still my turn!  Isn’t she lovely?

Did he fall for her accent or was it her lovely red hair? Perhaps it was the way she paid him special attention and introduced him to her bear companions? I wonder if she needs an extra bear?  I don’t eat much. Isn’t she lovely?


All I know is that no rides, no sweets, and no glowing, spinning, mechanical toy compared to meeting Merida. You all go ahead and ride Space Mountain.  I’ll just hang out here with Merida.  Isn’t she lovely?

Now he’s got the calendar marked for when we can see her on the big screen. I have a feeling he’s already planning when he can come back and say hello to her again. Isn’t she lovely?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Adventure of Going

Travel is an interesting thing. One day you are a few miles from home enjoying some Impressionists inspired sculptures and the next day, you are a few hundred of miles away and

your beloved teddy is being precariously dangled in mid-air by a Stormtrooper.

That’s the way it goes some days – especially when it’s Star Wars Weekend at Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World.  There were lots of bad guys


and lots of good guys.


It was fun seeing Minnie dressed as Leia too.

We went in a lot of different directions at Hollywood Studios – choosing to do our favorite things first. One of which was the Toy Story Mania Ride. It’s not just for kids. Okay – so maybe it IS just for kids, but big kids (like us!) are welcome.

I really like the way giant toys and games decorate the queue.

Remember the game of Candy Land? Imagine it much, much larger – like wall-sized.

We also took some time to look at the model for the new Fantasyland. It’s amazing how much detail they put in these things. Can you see the twin Dumbo rides? It’s going to be really cool.

Then we headed to EPCOT to see the Flower and Garden Festival and the World – uh, the World Showcase. Sebastian agrees with me about travel being interesting. He says to tell you one day you can be dangling mid-air at the hands of the evil empire and the next you can be cuddled by a Moroccan beauty.

I guess in his mind it all balances out in the end.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Sebastian, the Impressionist

Hang on Sebastian. I’m getting to your bit after this quick explanation.

Today we ventured downtown to see something extra special. By we, I mean the three of us - my husband, Sebastian, and me and by extra special, I mean The Impressionist Garden.


The garden consists of eight life-size bronze sculptures inspired by or based on famous impressionist paintings.


They are instantly recognizable characters if you are even just a tiny bit familiar with artists like Manet and Renoir.


What is cool about them is not only do they bring dimension to famous figures but they are also touchable.


Of course with Sebastian in tow, we had a great time taking photos of them all.  I had an even better time providing captions for the photos I took of Sebastian posing with them.

“I can’t look. Is he still there?”

“Oh no! Now he’s on the other side! Will this madness ever end?!”

“Darling, that is a very big bearie on your chapeau.”

“Don’t tell me it looks ridiculous. I was told this is the latest thing in top hats.”

“We all have our weaknesses. Just be thankful yours is a teddy. It could be much worse. My penchant for strange hats is my undoing.”

“My dear, don’t look now . . .

but you have a bear on your bustle.”

Now it’s your turn. Choose one of the photos below. Write the number of the photo and your caption in a comment. Let’s all have a good laugh!


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