Friday, September 23, 2016

TBAI 2016 is Now a Memory

Yesterday was the first day of Autumn – What?! Yep. And TBAI 2016 is now a memory. Today we are headed up to Farmington, Connecticut for the Bears Near Bristol show. It will be my first time in Connecticut, but hopefully not my last. It has been a whirlwind summer.

We had such a great time at TBAI seeing friends and making some new ones. My gallery piece won first place in the 8 inches and under category!


It all seems so far away now. The new location of Syracuse, NY received many positive reviews. The hotel and facilities were nice and even though I wasn’t able to go on the tour to the Thousand Islands area, those who did said it was incredibly beautiful.

I posted photos of all the tables at TBAI on the Piece Parade Facebook page. You can see them here.

If you “LIKE” my Piece Parade Facebook page, you will find I post there more frequently these days.

Sebastian is itching to tell you about his travels. He’s one little bear on the move! I’m hoping he will share some of his photos and tell you about floating in the Caribbean. For now, I hope you will enjoy this photo of him getting ready for the muster drill just before departing Port Canaveral for his ocean adventure.


Sebastian sends love and hugs!

Thanks for reading!!!


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