Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Quick Detour

Hi ho. Sebastian sneaking in here for a quick post before you-know-who takes over with photos from the show. I just wanted to show you a few pictures from one of the places we stopped at on the way up to the show.

I’m a big Muppets fan – especially Kermit, and when I heard there was a statue dedicated to Jim Henson close to where we were headed I suggested we make a stop to see it for ourselves. To be honest, I didn’t come up against much resistance so I think they must be fans too.

Here I am plunked right smack dab in the middle of a conversation between the amazing Jim Henson and his most famous green creation. (There’s nothing wrong with your computer screen – he’s not green here. He’s a statue.)

In this one, I was imagining that Jim was introducing me to Kermit as if we have been friends for a long time.

I’m including this one because I wanted to point out Kermit’s hand (?) resting gently on Jim’s arm. Ain’t that sweet?

Here’s the entire statue. Isn’t that cool? It was so worth the short detour, but of course, it wasn’t the only detour we took. It was just the only one I was in charge of.

Anyway, after a long day, I was ready for bed. I knew we needed to be ready for the teddy bear show the next day. Speaking of the show, I made sure lots of photos were taken and am off to insure they get sorted and posted here on bearbits for you to see. So please come back and check them out. It will help me keep my day job!

love & hugs,


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Aiming for the Finish

This is a crazy photo – no doubt. Each section is a snippet of a bear that is heading for the show this weekend. I am putting the finishing touches on them and hope to take their “official” photos very shortly. Then I will tackle the packing part of the equation.


but first, I think I’ll turn in for the night.
Thanks so much for stopping by!


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Some Selfies

Hi ho. Sebastian here. Topher and I were sitting around looking at each other trying to think of something to occupy ourselves until the weekend rolls around. It occurred to me that I have never in my whole life taken a selfie. And I know for a fact that Topher has never taken one – it’s the whole dog paw thing he’s got going on. Then I saw someone’s cell phone just sitting on the desk, all alone, unattended. It seemed like the perfect time for us to take some. I have to admit I helped him with his but you don’t mind do you? Now we have some funny pictures to look at. I hope you like them too.

“Where am I supposed to look?”

“There?  At that thing?  It’s not going to bite me is it?”

“How’s this Mr. Sebastian?”

Now it’s my turn.  I found out it’s easy to take a photo of yourself but taking a good one is a little bit harder to do.

This one is a just a little off.  You can’t see my ears.

This one is a little better.

This one turned out the best of all but boy, my arms sure are tired!  I think I might have to put my feet up and my arms down. Have you ever taken a selfie?  Did your arms get tired too?

love & hugs,

sebastiansigns  &   toph_signs

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuesday’s Photos

We awoke to Monday’s rain frozen on the trees.

This bear is under way and soon he’ll have all his parts. Woohoo!

Even though it’s cold, ice on the trees is rather other worldly looking.


It doesn’t deter us from our morning investigations of the neighborhood.

Yep, even the mailman stopped to say he was more than ready for Spring to arrive.

Sebastian thought a trip to the coffee shop was in order.  We didn’t disagree.

Come on Spring!


Monday, March 17, 2014

Dividin’ time between . . .

creatin’ bears for my first show o’ the year,

creatin’ bears&boxes for my second show o’ the year

and creatin’ a presentation on creating.


I’m taking photos along the way which I hope to share if not sooner, then soonest as I can. I heard it’s going to be a rainy and cold St. Patrick’s Day for us. If so, I might be able to stick to my plan and not be tempted to go outside by a balmy Spring-like day.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



Thursday, March 13, 2014

Amid this chaos . . .


I call my work table or desk, whichever you prefer; I am, believe it or not, moving forward. It seems like as much as I have been working that there would be more to show for my efforts. I suppose if all goes well, it will come together at the end. That’s what I’m hoping.


My plan is to keep moving forward – onward to the goal of being in Timonium for the show on the 29th of this month. If you plan to go and would like a discount coupon for admission, send me an email with your address and I will mail one out to you.


In the meantime, construction is nearly complete on our new screened porch and patio. Topher is thinking it is one big dawg house and I’m thinking it’s going to be a great place to spread out and make bears&boxes. Sebastian says we have to get his approval for anything that doesn’t include snacks. We might have to get together and work out some sort of compromise – over a coffee and a juice and a big bowl of water. Guess who gets what.


Friday, March 7, 2014

Hi Ho Lego

Hi ho Lego! It’s me Sebastian. I’ve been trying to convince someone to take me to the new Lego movie. I hear that it’s pretty great.


And I learned a few months ago that you can build just about anything with Legos.


I probably should have mentioned that when someone was making a camera the other day.  You see, ages ago – well, a few months anyway – I went to something called The Art of the Brick.


It was at a kids’ museum. So the question to ponder is “Is it art or is it a toy? Take a look and let me know what you think.


My take is that it is a toy that can be turned into art in the right hands – or paws if the creator is the furry sort like me.


This is a self portrait of the guy who made all these pieces – Nathan Sawaya.


Can you imagine how many millions and millions of Legos it must take to build these things?

hhl_2    hhl_3

Someone just whispered to me that an even better question is where he keeps them all.


I’m just wondering if I asked him nicely if he would make a little table with some chairs for me that would be just right for having a snack of – oh let’s say – some cookies and milk?


M-m-m.  Cookies and milk.  That’s my cue!  I’m signing off now with

love & hugs,


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Making a Camera?

As part of one of my current works in progress, I am attempting to make a camera. Not one that really works mind you – just a model. I began with an empty oatmeal box. It was the perfect size for my purpose: the camera lens.

I also dug into my cache of miscellaneous needful things – corrugated cardboard, foam core and an old wrapping paper tube.

First I cut the camera shape out of foam core.

Then from the tube and cardboard, I cut out some details.

I glued those parts together,

added a couple more features

and put a base coat of gesso on them. Gesso has become a great friend of late. Who knew?! When I was younger I couldn’t understand its redeeming value.

Next: Deciding what colors to paint it. Then I can move on to some other quirky aspect of this piece. Speaking of quirky –



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