Friday, June 29, 2012

BIG & little

Currently, these are on my desk.


I know you cannot tell much from this photo. I was having a bit of fun playing with my camera. This is what it looks like without the special effect. These are my little projects in progress.


I am also working on what I am calling a big project. Not big in size necessarily but big involvement-wise. Here’s a peek at part of it. The little things are a big part of the big project.


I am taking photos as I go along to try and document how it came together. I hope when I am finished I will be confident enough to call it

b&l_4(taken outside an art gallery during our trip to the beach last weekend)

When it’s complete, I plan to step back, look at the finished piece, take a big breath and then relax on the porch in my favorite rocker – for a little while anyway.

b&l_5(taken outside a shop – also last weekend – I’m ready to go back!)


Monday, June 25, 2012

Mr. In-Between

Okay, so that’s not his or her real name. Let’s do like they do in the movies and call it a working title.


If you recall, a couple of posts back I decided I wanted to see how my design might turn out smaller than the larger bear


and larger than the smaller bear. Are you still with me?


So here he is – Mr. In-Between (working title). You can recognize him in this photo because he is in between the other two teds.


In the photo below, Mr. In-Between is on the right. He is no longer in between. The littlest bear is in between but he’s not Mr. In-Between.


In this photo, Mr. In-Between is all by his lonesome little self. Can you be Mr. In-Between if you aren’t in between two others? We certainly don’t want to call him Mr. No-Longer-In-Between. That’s just too much name for such a small bear.


Now the big question is what’s (or who’s) next? Think. Think. Think.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Sandy Feat


Sebastian told me it was time I got my lazy bones up off the sand and showed you some photos. He insisted I show you his photo first. It’s much easier just to comply in some cases so here it is. This is that special effects treatment which he thinks makes him look rather artistic. I like the little boy in the background so intent on his shovel.


I needed to narrow my focus for this post, because I had too many photos to include them all. Not only that, they were all over the map. So I decided to keep it to the single theme of sand. It was a feat – a sandy feat. Yet, I did it and I hope you enjoy these glimpses of North and South Carolina sand.


It’s pretty easy when Mother Nature presents you with interesting subject matter.


It also helps when you find someone has left an artistic creation on the beach.


Just over that rise, in the photo below, is the ocean.  It was a lovely afternoon.


It seems like the sand is an open and tempting canvas for anyone who wants to leave a mark – h0wever temporary.  I think this one says it all.


Have a lovely Sunday!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

“He won’t eat you, I promise.”

Sebastian here to tell you about my encounter with a ginormous Labrador retriever.

I was told that we were going to see a big dog. She said, “He won’t eat you, I promise.” I’ve heard that before.

I was sitting peacefully, enjoying the sunshine on this big rock waiting to meet the animal when she asked me, “Well, what do you think?”


It all began to remind me of two fairy tales. One of which was Little Red Riding Hood when she looks at the wolf and says, “My, what big eyes you have.”


The other fairy tale it made me think of was The Gingerbread Man. Remember when he wants to go across the river and the fox tells him to get on his back and he’d carry him across? Then he tells him to climb up on his head as the water rises.


Eventually he says climb up on my nose and we all know what happened to the Gingerbread Man after that. It certainly didn’t make me feel very confident.


But if you look at this photo of me sitting on his big stick, he looks like he’s smiling. I kept saying “Nice doggie. Nice, nice doggie.”


I like looking at him from way back here the best of all. Way, way back here.



Monday, June 18, 2012

birch & bears

I know this is an odd pairing but it makes sense in my mind. But then, a lot of things make sense to me that others would find peculiar.


Let me begin by saying thanks to all of you who offered your input on my last post about my foray into creating a smaller bear. It certainly helps to know what you think.

Now I am undecided about this little one. It was an experiment as well. I just had to see how the pattern would look in a different fabric.


It certainly turned out different – same pattern turned out smaller without even trying. I’m sure it’s the fabric. It probably doesn’t have as much give as my mama used to say.


Here he or she is next to the others. They are looking at him or her with some curiosity, although the little bear less so.


Back to the birch – it is connected to my current project of which I have nothing to show. It’s all up here. Oh you can’t see me pointing to my head. Just as well – not much to see anyway. I do plan to document my progress and I’ll post photos here when I get it sorted out.


In the meantime, I am also working on Mr. In-between. Mr. In-between – or so I’m hoping – should measure somewhere between the bigger bear and the littler one.  That means I better get crackin’ because I only have two hands (darn it!) and just a mere 24 hours in the day (some of which I spend sleeping blissfully).



Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I think that is a very curious word. Dabbling. I very much like its thesaurus entries too.


Experiment, try your hand, dip into, and play at.

The reason I like them is because they are words that exactly describe my studio work these past few days. 


I wanted to see this bear in a smaller size. Just to see how it would turn out.
An experiment.


This is a shot of the bear in progress.
Trying my hand.


I wanted to see how difficult it would be to work in this size.
Dip into.


And then how I might represent the difference in their sizes.
Play at.


Funny how those Tootsie Rolls just happened to be hanging about in the kitchen, isn’t it?


I also had a clothespin handy. Clothespins – we go back a long way, but I digress.


Here are the little buddies in a close up.


Even the two of them together barely make up a handful.


Now I need to decide where to go from here. Sometimes you cannot make a fair assessment from just a little dabbling. Sometimes you need to give it another go.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sebastian’s (& my) Surprise

Once a upon a time . . .

One day last week I found Sebastian perched atop the mailbox.

“Hey there Sebastian! Whatcha doing?”

“Oh, you’re waiting for the mail. Are you expecting something?”

Sebastian waited all day and what do you know! The mail carrier left a package.

“Who is it for Sebastian? Can you read it upside down?”

We took the box inside very, very carefully.
“Would you look at that! It has a picture of Kidogo on the front.”

Kidogo and his very sweet person sent Sebastian (& me) a surprise!

But first, Sebastian had to read his letter from his friend.

I won’t show you the entire letter, but it’s really very cute. Sebastian understands he has a very long name and it can be hard to spell if you are new at it.

He and I both got excited to see all the wonderful delights inside - some very Cherry Berry Jam and some Cherry Berries. “Sebastian, could you at least wait to try them until after I take just one photo?”

And like many who are young at heart, Sebastian wanted to play in the box.

The last time I saw him he had settled in nicely and was preparing to write in his new journal – which was just his size.

Now that I’ve told you all about these very Cherry Berries and the Jam, I think it might be time for a little something as Pooh bear would say. That Kidogo and his person, they are something else!

. . . and they lived (& ate) happily ever after.


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