Friday, January 8, 2016

The Book Love Box

I began this project a while back and have been working on it off and on for quite a few weeks. I took a few photos while it was in progress and created a brief video of the main portion coming together piece by piece.

You might recall that I previously posted this photo.

These become the front doors. I love how the pieces fit together.

I had to take them apart in order to put them together again.

I needed a custom made box for these special doors, so Jay sprang into action. Maybe it wasn’t really sprang, more like hopped . . . or bounded.   Once that was done, I needed to cover it.  Love these papers.

The next phase was a book making phase. I created lots and lots of books. That was fun because with every piece I make that needs books, I learn a few more tips about what works and what doesn’t.

If you watch this video, you can see how the shelves become populated with books and related things.


Here are a few photos of the finished piece. Enjoy these glimpses of The Book Love box.


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