Friday, March 30, 2012

This post is brought to you by the Letter L.

L is for luscious – as in “Tonight we enjoyed a luscious meal outside for the first
time this spring.”

L is for lively – as in “These azaleas are very colorful and lively.”

L is for longing – as in “I am longing to get back to my sewing and make something
with these fabrics.”

L is for linger – as in “A pleasant way to spend a Friday evening is to linger
outside with a good cup of coffee.”

L is for literate – as in “I am trying to stay literate by reading (or re-reading)
these two books.”

L is for little – as in “I couldn’t resist taking a photo of these little flowers
at the coffee shop.”

L is for limelight – as in “Sebastian adores being in the limelight.”

L is for loveliest – as in “My husband said the loveliest thing to me which was ‘I love coming home and seeing your studio light on.’”

L is for later – as in “It’s time for bed so I’ll see you later.”

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Little & cute or freaky?

This post should make you feel good about yourself. I mean after you read it, you should be able to tell yourself, “At least I am not that weird.”

When we were in Maryland for the show, we ventured into a grocery store that we don’t have near us. It is amazing even for those who live there because they sell a variety of items, including some that are fairly hard to find. Things like European foods from Europe or British foods from the UK or Asian foods from – um – Asia. They are interesting to look at because as you can imagine we see mostly American brands in our stores.

We wandered up and down the produce aisle when I spotted some potatoes labeled ‘Fingerlings’. They were little and kind of cute. I picked up a bag of them so we could take them home and give them a try. I mean what’s not to like about a potato?

I sliced them up – the Ruby crescents, the Russian Bananas, the French and the Purple Peruvians

and put a little seasoning on them for roasting.

While they were in the oven, I looked at the remaining potatoes thinking to myself, ‘They really do look like fingers.’ Albeit some very strange fingers but I could see some freaky Halloween character with fingers like that.

And just for the record, my husband did not see me do this because I figured he ought to be able to eat his potatoes without an odd image of weird fingers in his head.

The potatoes were tasty but then roasted potatoes are almost always tasty. Maybe I’ve been spending way too much time spring cleaning and not enough time in the studio even though it’s only been a couple of days. Now maybe my making teddy bears seems a more reasonable way to spend my time.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Every Year.

Bleeding Hearts

I do this every year it seems. Post photos of things that bloom in my yard as if I was somehow responsible for the loveliness.


The truth is the flowers are pretty much on their own around here. I do love them – they are genuinely delightful, but I am not a gardener. Not much use pretending that I am.

 More azaleas

And even though we all know that I don’t contribute much to their well being, they come along every year and show us that they do just fine without much assistance – which is a very good thing.


I love all these pretty things but my most favorite is the bleeding hearts. There’s just something about them that is exquisite to me - so delicate and perfectly shaped.

 My favorite – again.

Ah well, I hope they last a little while longer. The weather professionals are predicting a much, much cooler night. I truly hope that if it is springtime where you are, you have a chance to enjoy some of its beauty.  Wishing you all the best,


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Teddies Spring Show–2012

As promised, here are photos of each of the artists’ tables at Teddies Spring Show in Timonium, Maryland.  I hope you will enjoy your virtual visit to the show.


Barbara Burke – Wuv ‘n Cuddles


Martha Bumula – Waverly Crossing Bears


Sharon Barron – Barron Bears


Susan McKay – Bears of the Abbey


Kathleen Starks – Starks Bears


Patsy Lane – P & D Crafts


Meg Jackson – Pinney Bears


Marilyn Wagner – Quilts-N-Critters


Judith Eppolito – Ashenberry


Donna Nielsen – Cookie’s Critters


Cindy Malchoff – My Apple Tree


Darlene Allen – Raspbeary Bears


Mary Kolar – Pochung Mountain Bears


Dolores Austin – Bearied Treasures by Dolores


Connie Stark - Connie Stark Bears


Jackie Melerski – Gilmur Rudley Bears


Cindy McGuire – China Cupboard Bears


My table!


Mary Dowd – Mary Dowd Bears


Jacquie Pollitt – Threadbears

Thursday, March 22, 2012

No Swapsies

Sometimes when you have a curious little bear like Sebastian around, you find yourself answering questions that had never occurred to you before. Like why a bunny has a fluffy white tail.

And why Sebastian does not have a fluffy white tail. I had to tell him about evolution which he said was too convoluted.

And why the bunny wears a strawberry around his neck. I had to tell him the bunny loved strawberries.

Then there are times when you have a curious little bear like Sebastian around, you find yourself making rules for things that had never occurred to you before. Rules like “No swapsies” when he asked if he could trade his tiny jingle bell for the bunny’s strawberry.

Yeah, it can be kind of strange around here sometimes, but it’s not anything a chocolate chip cookie can’t cure.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This. Is. A. Stick.

I’m not exactly sure why, but my holding a stick doesn’t have the same effect as when Sebastian does it. Never mind, I have other things that I have to be about anyway. I will leave the tours to Sebastian – most of the time.

My first show in the USA this year is only three days away. I am so looking forward to seeing my bear friends! I could also substitute the b in the bear with a d and it would be dear friends. Either way, it’s going to be terrific!

Spring has definitely sprung and it is very appropriate that this little bunny arrived in the studio on such a momentous day.

Now I am in bunny mode. This seems to happen no matter what I am making. If I make a large bear, I want to make another and another. If I make a small bear, I want to make another and another.

I don’t suppose I should have expected that I could get away with making only one bunny knowing that I have this predisposition. I have another waiting on me as I type.

In the meantime, if you just happen to be in the Baltimore, Maryland area  - Timonium specifically -on Saturday and you just happen to think it is a very good day to visit teddy bears and their compatriots, just take yourself over to Padonia Road to the Holiday Inn Hotel and Conference Center and come on in. Sebastian and I will be very happy to see you!

Oh yes, Sebastian said to tell you we’ll be taking photos. I sure hope one of us remembers!

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