Monday, March 26, 2012

Every Year.

Bleeding Hearts

I do this every year it seems. Post photos of things that bloom in my yard as if I was somehow responsible for the loveliness.


The truth is the flowers are pretty much on their own around here. I do love them – they are genuinely delightful, but I am not a gardener. Not much use pretending that I am.

 More azaleas

And even though we all know that I don’t contribute much to their well being, they come along every year and show us that they do just fine without much assistance – which is a very good thing.


I love all these pretty things but my most favorite is the bleeding hearts. There’s just something about them that is exquisite to me - so delicate and perfectly shaped.

 My favorite – again.

Ah well, I hope they last a little while longer. The weather professionals are predicting a much, much cooler night. I truly hope that if it is springtime where you are, you have a chance to enjoy some of its beauty.  Wishing you all the best,



  1. Love the Columbine, and the blossom, they are all the beauty in nature.
    Enjoy the springtime, Ginger

  2. Hi susana,

    I'm glad you enjoyed them. Thanks! Enjoy your spring as well.


  3. The Azaleas are beautiful, I love their little flowers. I actually don't think that I have seen an azalea "up close" before. :) One of my tulips bloomed late last week - I'm happy spring is here!

  4. Hi Kay Joy!

    Me too! I love these wonderful days. Enjoy them while you can!


  5. Bleeding Hearts so very pretty I remember them from my childhood I'm going out to find one and some columbines too. Chris xx

  6. Hi Chris,

    Good for you! Enjoy them1


  7. The blooms are so pretty! Makes me smile. Thanks for sharing these pictures. I love the bleeding hearts too, except I haven't seen them in real person.

    1. Hi Val,

      Thanks so much. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. The bleeding hearts really are something special to see.



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