Friday, March 30, 2012

This post is brought to you by the Letter L.

L is for luscious – as in “Tonight we enjoyed a luscious meal outside for the first
time this spring.”

L is for lively – as in “These azaleas are very colorful and lively.”

L is for longing – as in “I am longing to get back to my sewing and make something
with these fabrics.”

L is for linger – as in “A pleasant way to spend a Friday evening is to linger
outside with a good cup of coffee.”

L is for literate – as in “I am trying to stay literate by reading (or re-reading)
these two books.”

L is for little – as in “I couldn’t resist taking a photo of these little flowers
at the coffee shop.”

L is for limelight – as in “Sebastian adores being in the limelight.”

L is for loveliest – as in “My husband said the loveliest thing to me which was ‘I love coming home and seeing your studio light on.’”

L is for later – as in “It’s time for bed so I’ll see you later.”


  1. Sebastian,You are so funny looking through the handle of the cup of coffee. You made me "LAUGH".
    I keep asking Granny who "LAY'S" the Easter eggs.
    Hugs "LIVELY"

    1. Hi Wilbur,

      Sebastian says to tell you 'L-O' (hello!) and says you are a good sport!


  2. And 'L' is for 'Love your post' :o)

  3. awww that was lovely ... felt like back at sesame street
    and DH that was soooo sweet :) love mouse xxxx

    1. Hi Mouse,

      Yes, Sesame Street was my first thought when I decided the 'sponsor'. Ha ha! I knew I could depend on you to catch that too!


  4. Hi Sebastian,

    Miss Ginger did a nice post, I really enjoyed the pictures (of you, that is). Gee, I was looking and looking for you in that picture of her feet on the porch, then I realized, you were taking the picture.

    Heaps of Hugs ☺

    Happy Weekend, my little friend. ♥

    1. Hello Prudence,

      Thank you for your nice comments! You guessed it - Sebastian's point of view is from a much 'lower' perspective. Only a smart bear could figure that out! Happy Weekend to you as well!

      ~ginger & Sebastian

  5. Auh, yes, it sure does look like L was the perfect letter for you & Sebastian yesterday.


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