Friday, February 28, 2014


Just in case you might wonder if I had anyone to make sure I stay on the straight and narrow, don’t lose my focus, and keep to the task at hand, I present this snapshot of my desk at the moment.

Yep, like any good construction site, there’s an overseer. And woe to him (or her) that doesn’t show up on time or fails to complete the job assigned. I think I had better go and find my hard hat. Safety first.


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Since Our Return

While I would love to be back on a pristine Bahamian beach in sunny 80°F (27°C) weather with a slight breeze listening to Sebastian talk about finding pirates, I have more immediate commitments on my to do list.


I will soon be attending two teddy bear shows and am trying to be diligent about working towards that end. If all goes well, I will be posting photos of works in progress though they may not be of completed pieces for some time yet. As usual, lots of ideas.

I will show you what has been going on around here since our return.

This is one of three or four boxes sitting about at the current time.  I have a plan for it and am hoping that I will endeavor to do right by the idea.  I am considering adopting the mantra:  “I will not panic.” 


Below is another project.  Thankfully I am not responsible for this one.

I just watch between snowstorms and rain storms as this stack of lumber turns into something nice, I hope.  Jay says it’s going to be a giant dog house for Topher.  What a kidder! 

These cups look like they hold something refreshing but alas, they are paintbrush cups.

We have managed to take a coffee break now and again.  I wouldn’t mind having another one of these right now.

Project under way.  I try not to think too hard about what might be required to take it to the finish line. 

I took this photo while I was working today – although technically speaking, this could easily be any day in the studio.


Monday, February 17, 2014

In Search of Pirates – Finale

Yo ho ho. Ahoy me hearties! Sebastian here to finish my tale “In Search of Pirates” on the high seas. I’m an Old Salt now. I might even have salt water coursin’ through my veins. Let’s get on with it shall we?

Even though it’s been four whole days since I’ve returned from my adventure, I remember it like it was only yesterday.  I was up bright and early to see the ship dock at a beautiful tropical island. “Here’s my chance.” I thought to myself. “There might be some pirates hiding out here.”

I was mesmerized by the water.

It was incredibly blue in some places and crystal clear in others.

While contemplating my search, I gave my minions a chance to wade in for a little while and can you guess what happened while they were away?

I met an honest-to-goodness pirate. Maybe you have heard of him. He goes by the name of Jack Sparrow.


After that initial rather awkward meeting, he convinced me that I would make a very good pirate.


I happily present these few photos of me taking in the sights my first official day (and night) as a pirate.  I had them take a photo of me close-up first.  Can you guess where I am in this photo?

Just a little further back in this one and you can see I am sitting atop an archaic buoy!

  And here you can see just how huge – and cute - they are!  The buoys – not my minions.  I can’t seem to shake them even for a little while.

I’m such a photogenic pirate.  No more photos, please!  Well . . . okay maybe just a few more.

Back on board the ship and I discovered that everyone had become a pirate.  Even my favorite servers.  I just love these buccaneers!  Can you see how well I was treated?  I had a prime spot on which to sit for my photo.

Dessert that evening included a choice of Chocolate Rum Cake.  Can you get tipsy from eating dessert?  What’s that song?  Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum?

Me with my mentor.

What a fun encounter I had with Captain Mickey.  Next time (and there will be a next time or someone will walk the plank, matey!) I say, next time I think I need a coat like his.

Finally, we celebrated with fireworks off the starboard side of the ship.

Now that I’ve dressed like a pirate, eaten like a pirate and run amok like a pirate, I would say I’ve earned the chance to share in the pirate booty.  I have it on good authority that the gold doubloons are made of chocolate!  My favorite!

Until we meet again, smooth sailin’ from your favorite pirate - Aaargh!


Saturday, February 15, 2014

In Search of Pirates–Part 2

Hi ho, hi ho. Sebastian back again to tell you a bit more about my efforts to seek out any pirates aboard the Disney Dream. You know it takes a lot of looking so I started early and I know you will understand if I got a little waylaid.

I thought no search would be very successful on an empty stomach so I decided to have a bite of breakfast – waffles just my size!

I came across one of the crew members who looked like he was quite experienced. I was pretty certain he had some information to share but I am kind of rusty with Duck as a second language so I didn’t gain any useful intel.

That encounter was pretty exhausting so I decided to have a little mid-investigation snack – again,  just my size.

Getting back to my information gathering I chatted up this sea dog – and that’s not another name for sailor. He really was a sea dog and he suggested I ask Captain Mickey.

By the way, what are these two doing in the picture?

I looked and looked for Captain Mickey but this is as close as I got. Needless to say, he wasn’t much help.

Wandering around the ship, I came across a lovely royal throne. At least it looked like a throne to me.

I couldn’t resist putting on my crown and pretending I was royal for just a brief moment or two. That was fun.

Finally, I came across a parrot that looked exactly like the kind of parrot that Jock told me I should look for when searching for pirates.

He gave me several places to explore. At this point, I felt like I was getting really close. If you come back for Part 3, you’ll see if I ever found any pirates.

Ahoy mateys!


Thursday, February 13, 2014

In Search of Pirates

Hi ho, hi ho! Sebastian here to share with you what I have been doing the last few days. I went in search of pirates and you are going to be impressed with how diligent I was in my effort. Let me begin by saying I’m sure Ginger has her own take on things and surely she’ll get her turn but I am here to tell you the important things.

I know that pirates are usually on a ship so I figured I needed to find a big ship. And I did. It was a beee-eau-ti-ful one. It’s called the Disney Dream. Can you love a ship? If you can, I think I fell in love! How appropriate that I am telling you about this on Valentine’s Day. What timing!

Let me take you on a quick tour of my ship. I know it doesn’t look like your ordinary pirate ship but I had it on good authority that there were pirates on board and I intended to find them! This was my mode of transportation.

This is a view of the upper decks.  No pirates here!

Below is another mode of transportation on the Dream.  It’s called the AquaDuck.  Being the savvy bear that I am, I didn’t test this out personally.  I sent my minions to make sure it was free of pirates.

The deck at night.  Ah-h-h.

Now for a few glimpses of the inside.  Here’s the overhead light in the Atrium.  Pirates really know how to travel don’t they?

Here I am checking the life preserver to make sure it is in working order.  I deemed it sea worthy.

Not sure what this is for.  Ginger says it’s for swimming in but why would you swim in this when you have a whole ocean just over the rail?

I thought this was an indicator of where the pirates were on board but I was told it was some sort of dial that tells you where the current lift is located.  I watched this area for ages and ages for pirates.  I wish someone had told me that sooner!

My onboard accommodations.  Sh-h-h-h.  Don’t tell anyone!

Here’s a view of the inside.  I thought I was going to have this all to myself but alas, I had to share with my minions.

As long as I am showing you around, I thought you might like to see this place.  It is called the Enchanted Garden restaurant. 

And this one is called The Royal Palace.  Look really close and  you might see some glass slippers surrounding the light.

I saw this every day while on  board.  It is a tiled mural.  Pirates know how to travel!

I was told this was a water play area for children, but I think that is a euphemism for little pirate sea training.

With all these things to see I almost forgot my mission, but no worries

after I survived my first day at sea, I knew I was ready to continue with my search.  I’ll be back with Part 2.


love & hugs -


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