Saturday, January 16, 2010

Do You Think It’s Getting Easier?

Here we are at the next to the last photo.  Whew!  It seems like you guys are onto me.  This has been so much fun that I would like to think up other ways to give out extra entries in my next giveaway. 

While I put my thinking cap on . . .  (You should see it!  It’s huge with a big wide brim, feathers, doodahs, glitter and all sorts of crazy stuff.  What does yours look like?  You do have a thinking cap, don’t you?)

Where was I?  Oh yeah, while I put my thinking cap on to figure out how to dole out more entries for my next giveaway, let’s see how you fare on today's’ photo in the Guess the Bear's’ Name game.

Photo #5 -


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