Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I made a bargain with the bears.

It has become increasingly apparent that I need to be able to get even more accomplished in the next few weeks before my first show. I think the bears must have heard me mumbling because they asked me what I was going on about. I explained the situation to them.

Then they came up with what they called a brilliant plan. I am not entirely convinced, but I am willing to give it a shot. Desperate times call for desperate measures – or something like that.

This is the deal I made. In exchange for uninterrupted studio time (as in they don’t ask me where the glue is and then ask me where the glue remover is), I have agreed to let a select few, very few, bears take over my blog for the next little while. It is a small committee of bears, very small. I know it sounds crazy and all.

There were some conditions to this crazy agreement. I promised that I wouldn’t reveal all of them but let’s just say they are supposed to conduct themselves in “an appropriate manner at all times” when they are blogging.

Thus our first lesson in blogging took place.

Bears: How long are the posts supposed to be?
Me:  Well, there aren’t specific rules on that.
Bears:  How many pictures are there supposed to be?
Me:  I don’t think there’s a rule that you have to have any.
Bears:  Can we write about anything, anything at all?
Me:  Um-m. No. You can write about almost anything but not anything.
Bears:  How will we know what we aren’t allowed to write about?
Me:  I will tell you when you cross the lines.
Bears:  But aren’t you going to be over there at your desk doing perfectly amazing things?
Me:  Trying to slip one by me, are you? Think a little flattery will get you unfettered blogging?
Bears:  Unfettered? Unfettered? What’s unfettered?
Me:  You all just be good and do your best and we’ll see how this goes.

So it was that I spoke my last words of advice to them and for the next few days, the bears will be writing here instead of me. Heaven help us . . .


  1. Oh you're a brave one, Ginger. I tried that once and discovered quite a bit of unfettered goings on...
    Hugs to you and your blog assistants,

  2. What a glorious idea (öhöm) to gain some time!

    As my first fair is even a week sooner, I shoud try to get an arrangement that my bears take the house work part !

    Reaaly looking forward to the Bearian posts!

    Have a good "free" time

  3. Housework?! Housework?! Why didn't I think of that? Somehow I still think the bears are going to get the best end of this deal.


  4. I can't wait!!!! but... I think I'll have to keep Dot away from your blog for the next few days.

  5. I suspect you have taught these bears very well indeed !... and so everything else is bound to flow beautifully!...well usually... Go and enjoy!

  6. I'm looking forward to reading what they have to say. Pearls of wisdom? Jokes? The truth about you? What their future plans are?

  7. I think getting a bear's perspective on things should be fun!
    Enjoy your free time as I am sure that they will do a wonderful job!

  8. Uh Oh, will Henry be one of them. Oh, that's right you said you wouldn't tell.
    I can't wait to see what they post about.
    Mama Bear


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