Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let’s Play a Game

Apparently our first blog post yesterday got a little off track. I forgot to tell the secretary all that stuff was off the record. Crazy bear. We’re ready today. I think.

Let me check to see who has the notes for today’s post.
“Frankie, do you have the notes from our meeting this morning?”
“Of course. I used my best pencil to write them down.”

O-o-o-o-kay. That doesn’t go into a lot of detail, but that’s okay. I believe we can make it up as we go.

We’ve already run this by the CEO and she says we can do this. I promise.

You may not know but she has been working, working, working on various and sundry bears and one of them is her next giveaway. I assured her that I would not give away any details about the give-A-way but she has racked her brain or wrecked it. Not sure which or even how you would tell the difference. Anyway, she said we could play a game and award extra giveaway entries as the prize. Isn’t that exciting? So let’s play a game!

These are the rules. We are going to put part of an unaltered photo at the end of this post. All you need to do is to guess what it is. If you are right, you get an extra entry in the giveaway. (Remember, she already did something similar with those Clue bears.) It’s so-o-o-o easy. I could do it with my eyes closed. Oh, well, maybe not with my eyes closed.

We were told that we should keep the guesses secret until the game is over so we don’t accidentally give away too much. One guess per person. We won’t be showing any guess related comments, but if you want to say hello to the committee and tell us how we are doing that will be okay. Frankie really wants to know what you think of his notes.

This game will run for a week so you should make your guess by February 25th. That’s the day we will tell you the answer. I can hardly wait. On your mark. Get set. Go!!!



  1. I LOVE Frankie's note... it really cuts right to the important part of your discussion... none of that 'extra wordage' frillary.

  2. Dearest Clarence,
    You are a 'natural' at this blogging stuff! Please tell Frankie that his notes are very clear and well written. I have a question for this mysterious committee of seven. If our guesses are to remain secret are we to send them directly to the CEO/CBO (Chief Bear Overseer)? Also, I wish to mention that you happen to be signing your blog notes with the CEO's name (will she mind?). Perhaps you should practice writing your name.
    P.S. Hi Sam, I know you're on this committee (but that can be our secret)

  3. You are very sharp! Yes, we noticed that the CEO still has her name at the bottom of each post. She gave us some mumbo jumbo about being necessary for the illusion that someone with authority is in charge. That made us laugh so hard we nearly fell out of our chair. She can be very funny sometimes.



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