Thursday, July 8, 2010

How hot is it?

hhii_1  On my desk at the moment.

Today it was a record breaking 102°F (38.8°C) here. It was like being in an oven if you spent any amount of time outside. Thankfully, the humidity was lower than it has been lately. Still it was hot – being-in-the-news hot.

I was outside with my pooch for a few minutes and I was thinking about the heat. I looked at my car sitting in my dad’s driveway and thought about how it was probably unbearably hot inside.

Then I began to think about cold things – like winter and snow, and how when it is very, very cold we dash from the warmth of being inside to the freezing car outside. Of course, we want it to warm up and warm up fast- very fast. At times like that we like to use my sister’s phrase: “Turn it on melt.”

Looking through last winter’s photos, I came across this one. I can assure you, there is no snow on this garden bear now. In fact, if he could make a request, he would probably ask for an umbrella and a tall glass of iced tea.  Hang in there buddy.



  1. Que alegria ver una foto con nieve!!!!!!!jejejeje

    Aqui hemos llegado a los 45º, es horrible el calor que hace y hoy han dicho que las temperaturas subibirian, nos vamos a derretirrrr jejejeje
    Mantente en la sombra y con un vaso de te helado en la mano.
    besitos ascension

  2. Hi Ginger,

    What a cute little guy you have in the garden. We are heading for some high temperatures this weekend (100) but that's the south for you. I am really looking forward to fall - winter (of course I miss snow), are we ever happy about the weather? I think long as it's the way "we" want it to be. (o:

    Have a wonderful day, and be careful with that heat.


  3. Hope it cools down for you soon. It doesn't get that hot here, but in Provence it gets up well past that, alas I won't be visiting to check up on it this year...

    Love the garden bear too btw

  4. Wow Ginger, this is amazing! I love it.



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