Thursday, August 26, 2010

In Search of a Cupcake

On the way to the show in New York, we started out a day early so we could have a leisurely drive. We stopped about half way to spend the night outside of Washington, DC. That evening decided that it would be fun to get a cupcake from one of the many cupcake shops in the DC area. Here’s how the conversation went between me and my ‘driver’.

Him: Why don’t we go to one of the cupcake shops here?
Me: Okay, which one?
Him: I don’t know. Pick one.
Me: There’s one in Georgetown. We hardly ever go to Georgetown.
Him: Sounds good to me.

So – off we go, heading into Georgetown. We were going to find Georgetown Cupcake, park on the street, pop in the shop and pick out one cupcake each.

Things went as planned for a bit. We found Georgetown Cupcake.


M-m-m-m. Don’t they look delicious?


It was just about that time we both doubled over in laughter. Did we really think we were going to have a cupcake? Check out that line!


Every time we remember this adventure in search of a cupcake, we laugh and laugh. Next time we’ll plan way in advance and get in line at lunchtime.


  1. Good Morning,

    WOW, those cupcakes must be something special. Hm, standing in line for one, we don't know. We think we would rather stand in line waiting to get into a teddy bear show. (o:

    Happy Weekend, Miss Ginger.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence & Sissy
    (Mom is going shopping and bringing us home a cupcake ~Giggle~)

  2. I would make almost everything for such a cupcake,....
    Have a nice weekend

  3. HOLY COW!! What in the world is going on with this cupcake craze?! I mean... don't get me wrong, I LOVE cupcakes... but ACK! ACK ACK!!

  4. Heather, You are too funny! I know what you mean - but surely THESE cupcakes were make of gold or had winning lottery tickets inside or made you young and thin and beautiful, right?

    Alas, we may never know!


  5. ROFL, there must be some REALLY good drugs in those cupcakes

  6. Oh wow! I never sor such a kew for cayke! They must tayste fantastic!!


  7. Or send a teddy bear advance party (to stand in queue or help the staff out?). LOL


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