Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The TBAI Hat Story

I knew for the longest time that I needed a hat to wear at TBAI for the tea party. Should I buy one, find one in the closet, make one?

I consulted with several experts – there was no real consensus.  Actually, I think it’s kind of difficult for others to offer advice on an idea that exists only in one’s brain.

After dithering for a while, I decided that I would make it.

So that’s what I did . . .

I bought a pattern (haven’t done that in ages!)

and went to work.

I created it with some fabric and poster board that I had on hand. I also used the computer a bit

and the printer

and the iron.

All in all, there was actually very little sewing involved.  Some, but not a lot.

It was a surprisingly fun project – especially adding the teddy bear buttons with photos of a couple of my bears.

And I promised that I would take a photo of it. I didn’t, but someone near and dear to me did.

Here it is.



  1. I am quite certain that everyone at the tea party...and in Paris will be simply green with envy!

    Hugs, Kelly

  2. Great hat. You look gorgeus into it ;-)

  3. I'm sure the Parisians won't be able to resist it Ginger, tres chic!

  4. Good Morning, Miss Ginger,

    My, My, you do look lovely in your artistic hat. We love the "pictures" (of course, all things teddy bears) giggle.

    Have a wonderful time, safe travel and we would love to see pictures when you return home.

    We trust you are taking your "travel" teddy bear with you to share in all the fun.

    Heaps of hugs (HOH, giggle)
    Prudence & Sissy, and of course The Mom (o:

  5. AH! BEST HAT EVER!!!!

    Seriously envious of this hat. SERIOUSLY.

  6. You will be the belle of the ball in that hat! It's Memorable! Have fun!

  7. Ginger, now everyone will be wearing hats and I am sure all of Paris will want one!!!! Good luck and have fun, wish I was there...
    Margaret B

  8. Fantastic hat girl! it looks good on you!

  9. Fun and stylish with a touch of whimsy for good measure!


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