Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Snooper’s Snooping Discovery

It was purely accidental – or so he says, that he found the incriminating photos on my camera. The ones we took a couple of weeks ago when he was, yet again, left behind. You would think I would learn.

I certainly realized my mistake when we returned home and there he sat as always – faithful, loyal and true. I did feel a little sorry that in the hubbub of the holidays, the merriment of Christmas and the preparations for the road trip that I had somehow forgotten to take him along.


One can only hope that two weeks of hand delivered breakfasts, honey drizzled snacks and unlimited playtime will put me back in his good graces. In the meantime, I had to go through every single photo we took on our holiday trip and tell him the story behind it. And every single time, I heard a sort of muffled sigh. (I do think I have been played but hey, I probably deserve it.)

Before I am completely forgiven I have one more obligation which is to show you the photos he likes best of the all the ones we took. I had to limit him somewhat – or we’d still be sifting through them. Anyway, here they are, the photos the travelin’ ted who hasn’t traveled lately, likes best from the trip that he was supposed to go on but didn’t because I left him behind which is something that I will do my best not to repeat because hand delivered breakfasts are good if you are on the receiving end but not if you are on the delivering end plus a bunch of other stuff too. It really is simpler just to take him along – really – much simpler.


He seems to like the parade photos best.


He knew who this was right way – a distant English cousin of his.


I had a hard time explaining how Mickey is my son’s
and daughter-in-law’s boss.


“Oooh, gingerbread men,” he exclaimed!  “and I missed them . . .”


He also said he was under contractual obligations to include teddy bears whenever and wherever possible – even if they are wearing lederhosen.  These are his distant German cousins I believe.


He wonders why I don’t wear a neato helmet, scarf and gloves and drive a cool car like this.  I had no answer for him.


These toy soldiers were his favorite – mine too – except for the bears, I mean.  Of course, except for the bears.  (What was I thinking???)


The castle draped in icicle lights he admitted had a certain charm.  Obviously this wasn’t part of the parade.


Apparently, the toy soldiers have been hastily integrated into the teddy bear contract in hand writing that looks amazingly like a little bear’s I know.  Therefore, it seems I am obligated to include another photo of these, yes I admit, really wonderful toy soldiers.


  1. Those toy soldiers are very good indeed !!!

  2. wonderful pictures! i love the toy soldiers, but the bears will always be no. one favourite. :)

  3. I like the soldiers best too! Looks like you had a great time!

  4. I enjoyed the pictures and story.Would love to see that too!


  5. Hi Miss Ginger,

    See what happens? I hope you will never do that again. We can make live so enjoyable for our humans, but "forgotten" and left behind - oh, the misery will be un-BEAR-able. (o:

    And the guilt you must endure. But he loves you to pieces in spite of being left alone, all alone, at Christmas, without you, no Christmas I doing a good job here with the guilt? (o:

    Heaps of Hugs

  6. aw you're so lucky! i would have loved to have gone to the parade (or disneyland in general lol) the castle looks fantastic :)

  7. Aww, poor baby getting left behind!!!
    Great pictures, looks like a great holiday, sorry bear..... I mean the photos are wonderful but you probably didn't have a good time!!!!
    Margaret B

  8. What abandonned AGAIN? You'd better not forget to bring him to London ;o)

    Great pics anyway :o)


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