Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Midweek Adventure with Sebastian

All Sebastian needed was a taste of adventure and he was all set to have another one. This one was less sedate than seeing yarn bombing!

We didn’t have to go far at all since this extraordinarily fun escapade took place downtown. Just a hop, skip and a short car ride from home. Taking a Segway tour of Raleigh was something my husband and I had wanted to try and now we think we might be hooked!

Here’s Sebastian before the tour. Did he really think he was going to ride there???!!!

He and I were going to have a have a little talk but first we needed some instructions on how to ride, stop, steer and generally not fall off. It was super easy.

This is me taking a trial run inside the shop before they took us for a ride on the street with curbs, turns, hills and other vehicles – like cars.

Like I said, Sebastian and I had to have a little chat. I had to tell him that I was a newbie Segway driver and it would be much safer for him if he was tucked away someplace a little less precarious than the top of my helmet or the top of the Segway. I promised him the thrill would be nearly the same.

We saw loads of historic homes and learned some nuggets about the history of our city that we hadn’t heard before.

Thankfully, our group managed not to run into each other, crossed all the streets safely and took a break now and then to see the sites.

Here’s Sebastian at the Historic Oakwood Cemetery.

Here’s the three of us in front of the Governor’s Mansion on our Segways.

Sebastian asked me if they made them in his size. I had to tell him not yet, but wouldn’t that be cool? A little itty bitty teddy bear Segway.

If you are ever in the area or thinking of trying this sometime, give it a go. You won’t be disappointed. I would do it again in heartbeat!

Thanks for the great time Jeff, Cornie and the whole team down at Triangle Glides!

from Sebastian, Jay and me



  1. Sebastian, that looks like such fun. I don't think we have them for hire in our city yet. May be when they do, Granny will take me for a ride.

  2. que d'aventures pour Sebastian !
    Voici un sympathique moyen de se placer, de prendre le temps de découvrir. Merci pour la balade.
    Bonne journée !

  3. que chulo , no me extraña que Sebastian quisiera probarlo



  4. Hi Sebastian,

    Toby is jumping up and down cause he wants to come back for a visit so he can go with you on another tour. Ask Miss Ginger to "make" you your own Segway, she can do it, she is beary smart.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

    Hi Big Brother,

    It's me, Toby. Oh bear, you are so lucky, that looks like soooo much fun!


  5. Wow, Sebastian is so lucky to have you both to share the adventures with him! That ride looks so gorgeous! Wish I`d have been in the other pocket ;D

  6. Oh such fun! I'd love to try a Segway.....even riding in your pocket would be wonderful. Glad you all had a great (and safe) time!

  7. Ooooh, this looks like a lot of fun! I'll have to ask my sister if Charlotte has such a thing!

  8. How FUN!!! Now I have something else to put on my "someday to do" list!


  9. Well that looks like loads of fun, but we don't thing itty bitty segways would be fun at all, I mean where would you get a good view?! No, you're just going to have to learn to drive better so Sebastian can go up front...

    Jack & The Clan


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