Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Little Bit o’ Crazy

Before I begin this post, let me say thank you for all the many kind comments and personal responses to The Reading Tree featured in my last post. When I go down one of these artistic rabbit holes and come out the other side, it’s a good feeling to find out that I haven’t wasted time on an ill-conceived adventure.

People wonder how I come up with these ideas. I do too. Really. In its own way it does seem sort of magical. I think many people who pursue creative endeavors probably feel the same way. I often think it’s not quite right for me to take all the credit for an idea that comes as a gift.

Speaking of ideas, this one did not come fully formed and waiting for me to conjure it into existence. It started with a vague sort of plan to make something like a terrarium using a Mason jar and a solar powered lighted lid. I wasn’t sure it could be done well. Done – yes, maybe. Done well? Not for certain.


Some months after the initial idea, I drew this very rough sketch. I rather liked the concept. It’s easy to like something until you have to figure out how to make it work. For example, assuming the scene could be created – you know, roots, earth, tree - precariously balanced, how would I get them in the jar?

I know it’s hard to tell from that funky drawing on a scrap piece of paper, but my sketch didn’t really address that issue. Along came the next round of doubt.

As you can see there was a time interval between the initial idea and the sketch. There was another lapse of time between refining the idea and beginning the project. And I worked on the project in little snippets due to other commitments. It wasn’t my preferred way but I accept that it happens that way sometimes.

With every bit of progress, came one of the following thoughts:

I’m not sure this can be done.
Is this at all possible?
What have I gotten myself into?
This can’t be done.

While I had many doubts, the time lapses allowed me to ponder the next steps before I actually began to work on them. I could turn things around in my head, do research, try techniques and make small prototypes of the various sections. (Prototype - That’s the word I like to use when the first one isn’t up to snuff).

As I moved along on this project two things happened. I kept thinking this can’t be done and I grew more determined to prove that it could. It’s a bit of a bizarre existence.

So I am trying to learn to go with the flow, to not give up and to accept that some things just take time. Also, that maybe a little bit o’ crazy isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


P.S. The Reading Tree has a found a new home. As always, it doesn’t hurt to ask if something you see here on bearbits is available.  That’s how The Reading Tree found a home.  Someone asked.  Oh and here are a few photos of what’s on my desk at the moment.  Are these indicators of my next project?  I don’t know for sure but they are on my “list” of things I want to work with.

I can’t remember when I got these, but I’ve got two plans for one or two of them.

Bought these with one thing in mind.  Found out they are an excellent match for something else, too.  Now if only one of these ideas will come about . . .

Can you believe it?  These fell under the category of “nail décor” in the store.  With all the glue and stuff I use around here, they won’t decorate my nails but they’ll be useful if only for their containers.  And the lightbulb in front?  What was I thinking?  I hope I wrote it down somewhere.  Hey there little dinosaur.  What’s up?


  1. Hi Ginger,

    Happy weekend and we are anxiously awaiting little "Arthur".

    Hugs ♥

  2. Just caught up on the last few posts....I'd say it is a gift to create such beautiful pieces and to be given the should continue to follow that inspiration and enjoy the process....not everyone has this gift or if they do, they don't realize it.
    Mama Bear

  3. Some things I rush headlong into, and some things I take a long time with, weeks, months even more, it just all depends when that lightbulb comes on! Love your latest lightbulb :oD




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