Friday, August 9, 2013

Around the World in . . .


Sebastian here and you read that right. I am going around the World incognito.

My Mini and I have arrived safely at Walt Disney World. Now it’s time for some fun!

I decided perhaps it would be best if I did at least part of this trip disguised. Can you find me?

My disguise? Yes, it’s a mustache. They are all the rage these days and I think it makes me look quite distinguished. Can you see it on me here as I am about to travel ‘round the world at EPCCOT?

I would be quite pleased if you would join me on my trip around the world – um, the World Showcase.  First stop:  Mexico


Then we went to Norway.  Who ARE these two?  And that big troll in the back – he was scary.  It was a good thing we were in disguise!

Our next stop on our whirlwind trip – China.  There we met this lovely young lady who said I was, and I quote, “cute”.  Must be the mustache.


Then it was a stop in Germany.  I met some bears there in Der Teddybar Toy Shop.


Then I was feeling a bit peckish so I talked them into having lunch in Italy.  Buon Appetito!


We stopped in Japan or should I say shopped in Japan?
Whew!  I made it out of there without spending any yen.

Then it was on to Morocco where I insisted that I be allowed to ride a camel since I had left my Mini in the parking lot.

In France, we all had our photo taken.  Who are these people?  They don’t look French at all to me.

We stopped in England and I looked and looked for my British friends, but they were no where to be found.  They must have been having a spot of tea.  I think I’ll mail them a card in the mailbox here – that is if I can find a stamp.


Our last stop was Canada.  Somehow this seems very familiar – almost like I was just here about a month ago.

Finally, we stopped to visit with Chip and Dale.  We’ve met them before but I don’t think they recognized me.

I think my disguise is working!



  1. gosh you were hard to spot .... and glad you enjoyed your wee round the world trip ... sorry I missed you, when you were in England ... would have loved to have a photo with you :) love mouse xxxxx

  2. Hi Sebastian,

    So that is where you went! And I am so glad you explained that it was YOU behind that mustache, I never would have guessed, and oh, those travel companions of yours - I think they were making fun of your "mustache", they certainly didn't look as worldly as you.

    Have fun on vacation.

    Prudence's Mom ♥

  3. You are such a great bear ambassador, making so many friends as you travel the world! The mustache looks very distinguished. Have fun!

  4. Oh ho Sebastian! Disney World! Our favorite place to go on the east coast! Amazing how one can visit so many countries in a short amount of time, love it! The first time we went to DW my daugther was 6, she did NOT like the troll at all! heehee. We last were there for Halloween week, such fun & memories. My husband likes Germany the best, guess because he's German?! :) While visiting the German village there was a Steiff bear maker in the Der Teddybar shop, first time I'd ever seen a teddy in pieces, looked like he'd exploded - his head was getting eyes/nose at the time, my husband had to drag me out of that shoppe! Have fun! Ani in Wilmington

  5. The perfect disguise we think, and the very height of fashion right now. We're so glad you got a nice trip around the world, but what did you have for lunch? Enquiring minds want to know, because it looks like they starved you!


    Jack & The Clan

  6. Disney!! Now that is a good destination. And it is probably the quickest way to travel the world! ;) Love your mustache - you look very sophisticated, and I'm sure your disguise worked perfectly.

  7. menuda vuelta al mundo , y con ese disfraz seguro que casi nadie te reconocio, seguro que ahora estaras cansado de tanto viaje, descansa bien




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