Thursday, August 22, 2013

My New Partner in Crime – by Sebastian

Hi ho. Sebastian here. I wanted to introduce you to my new partner in crime. Here he is.


His name is Topher – pronounced: tō'-fur


The photo below was taken when he was just a tiny thing a few short weeks ago. He’s still small but not as small.


I knew I was going to like him right away because he is willing to share some of my responsibilities.  Like being cute. That’s a big job for me and I am happy to have some help.


Also, looking innocent. That “Who me?” look he’s got is going to really come in handy down the road. I can see it now.


I think it will be useful to have someone with whom I can trade off sentry duty. When I am not keeping an eye on things, he can take over and vice versa. It looks like he can sleep anytime, anywhere.


I am going to teach him all kinds of neat stuff – like how to get up on the comfiest seats in the house. Here we are during his first lesson.

I thought it would be fun to take him for a ride in my mini but after he got in there wasn’t any room for me so maybe he’s not quite as small as I thought.

Anyway, I will try to keep him out of trouble and if I have any difficulties with that I will revert to Plan B: Look sweet and innocent. (That’s gets them every time.)




  1. Hmmm my comment got lost ... so I try it again ....
    Dear Sebastian, your new helper is such a cute little dog! Topher looks so sweet and cute, I guess, you will have a lot of fun together!
    Happy weekend to you all,
    Big hugs

  2. OH MY! Stop the cuteness before I faint! :) What a sweet wittle doggie Sebastian! I am in LOVE! I'm sure you are too by the looks of things. Too bad about the Mini being a bit too small for both of you, maybe Mom will let you trade up to a bigger one some day, heehee. Our doggies, Kip & Sophie, think Topher is just right for you Sebastian, have fun!

    Ani in Wilmington

  3. Well hello cute little fella! I can see you are all going to have lots of fun together.

  4. What! A! Cutie!

    So awesome! And Seb is a good teacher, that duties are already kept well....

  5. Ah, congratulations on the new baby. You two will have so much fun. Topher is precious. Happy to see he "passed" his first spoiling lesson with flying colors. Giggle.

    Prudence ♥

  6. What a darling duo you two make! Cute overload, for sure!

  7. Oh, my! What a cute new partner. I think I'm in love!

  8. He's Precious!!! What kind of a dog is Topher?? Besides being a cute one, that is! ; ) I wonder if Ginger will have trouble concentrating on her work with him around... Maybe you'll have to watch him for her, so she can get something done. Just be sure he gets outside on time and doesn't chew on your leg... :)


  9. Looks like you're training him up well there Sebastian!


    Jack & The Clan

  10. Sebastion, your doggy friend is ridiculously cute.

  11. What a cute little pup. I'm sure you and Topher will get up to all kinds of mischief.
    Don't forget to train him to go outside to Pee????

  12. Oh this is the cutest little puppy!! Sebastian, I think you've found yourself a pal!

  13. Oh, how wonderful!!! Topher is the sweetest little thing I have seen in a LONG time. Enjoy!!



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