Thursday, August 4, 2016

My 2016 TBAI Gallery Piece

Time is getting short and the Teddy Bear Artist Invitational Show is just around the corner. The theme for this year’s show is Critters Galore . . . Bears and More. Today I am delighted to share my TBAI gallery piece I call “The Hideout”. With the theme in mind, please meet Robbie (the raccoon), Barney (the bear) and Freddy (the fox) in their hideout in the forest.


These three meet here frequently for fun and friendship. It is a place deep in the woods that they have made their own. The slate pathway to their secret hideaway is known only to them.


There you will see their homemade table is very forest friendly made from a slice of a fallen tree and their perches are rocks found here and there.


This time their moms baked some homemade goodies for their adventures in the woods: a red velvet cake and some cupcakes – one for each of them. (My daughter Claire made them! Yum!)  These three keep their own special mugs for the ‘magical’ glowing tea in the hideout. Can you guess whose is whose?


One of their favorite things to do is to roast marshmallows for S’mores. They are very careful about their campfire and keep a sharp eye on the flickering coals and the marshmallows. Everyone except Robbie. He let his marshmallow get a little too close! That’s okay though. They have some spares.


When it gets dark, they have jar lights hanging overhead so they can stay late or sleep over if they want.


These little friends simply enjoy each other’s company and if there happen to be some delicious treats too, all the better. Welcome to “The Hideout”.


I hope you enjoyed your visit to The Hideout!  Thanks for coming!



  1. Is there room for one more?! So very cute, charming, and inviting. Love it!


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