Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Process – 2018 TBAI Gallery Piece – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2. Now for some details.

The first bit I wanted to sort out was the lawn. I found some terrific looking grass to use on the base. It came already mowed so I knew it was a good deal!


Then I moved on to making a pathway from log slices.


Flooring for the interiors followed with a hexagonal white one for one side and a square tiled one with a blue accent for the other. Forgive the debris, the floor hadn’t been swept at this point!

tp-2018tgp2_3      tp-2018tgp2_4

I suppose the most fun was searching for, and finding, materials for the lawn décor. I began with these tiny dollhouse dishes. They were so tiny! But just right for the design.


You may remember seeing these a few weeks ago on my Instagram or Facebook page.


I wanted these ‘mushrooms’ and the mason jars to be clear so tiny lights would shine though.


It’s a process of having multiple sections underway at the same time and here are a few more interior details I was working on. Wall décor mostly and other bits.


Sometimes you have to make bulletins boards from sticks . . .


Painter’s tape – Yay!


I like to include a bit of my own personal history from time to time, so there are photos of my grandmother and my parents’ wedding portrait.


I repainted a tiny bird – maybe he’s the bluebird of happiness.


I created a few tiny maps, too


that sit in a basket.


A dry run for the mushroom lights.

tp-2018tgp2_16     tp-2018tgp2_17

And rounding out this post, a couple of framed pictures for the walls with itty bitty dots to match the décor.

Next up, photos of the finished piece with close-ups.

As always, thanks for reading!!!!!!


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