Thursday, January 1, 2009

Late to the Party

Happy New Year and welcome to my bearbits blog. I’m late to the party – the blog party, that is. But I’m here now and time will tell if I get the hang of this thing. The funny thing, well, not funny ha-ha, but funny peculiar is that my most sincere intention is to become adept at this thing and not to get blogged down. Did I really say that? Uh, yep. I have been known to embrace new–to-me creative endeavors only to see them pile up in the corner as my initial enthusiasm wanes. You may have heard of the missing muse or the absent idea? Even so, I can say that I am still tweaking my website from time to time and I started that in 1996. Who would have thought I would have managed to keep it this long? Better yet, who could have predicted back in 1985 that I’d still be making and selling teddy bears in 2009? If I have counted my fingers and toes properly, this is my 25th Anniversary year! Certainly it calls for some sort of celebration. Maybe a virtual teddy bear party! We could all wear crazy hats, eat cake and laugh until we fall off our chairs. If this idea pans out, you’ll be the first to know. If you would like an invitation, just let me know by leaving a comment!

In the meantime, most (if not all) of my online adventures have been aided in no small part by my guy, my better half, my sweetheart-all the same person! I would like to say Thanks to the one of infinite patience! The next mocha is on me. (Just don’t get used to it. After all, I AM a starving bear artist!)

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  1. Hello Ginger, Happy New Year & welcome to blogging! I'm looking forward to "dropping by" to see how you are doing :) Hugz, Laura Lynn


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