Monday, January 12, 2009

Handy Ideas

My mom was a happy person. And it was great when she laughed! Her eyes would twinkle and if the story was only moderately funny by normal standards, it became funnier because she had thought it was. In fact, sometimes I think stories around the dinner table got slightly embellished just for that reason.

My mom would have liked reading my blog, I think, because no matter what I did, she always rooted for me. If I was enthusiastic about something, she became my cheerleader and encourager. If I was doing something meant to be humorous, she laughed – even if it was silly.

So, Mama, here’s one, just for you!

Remember the other day when I told you all I had an idea for my next project? It began with a hand – a mannequin hand from the flea market. That led me to wonder how handy that might be – to have an extra hand. Just imagine what you could do with it!

If you were prone to carpal tunnel syndrome, it could help you out.

If you needed a hand holding the door open that problem would be solved.

You could always keep one hand in your pocket for warmth.

It could hold your place in Somerset Studios magazine and you could read while you work.

You would always have someone to share a cup of coffee with when you take a break.

Yes, I do believe an extra hand could be quite useful now and then.


  1. Good job... You deserve a hand ... (applause applause applause) Vicki-Custom Teddys

  2. Wonderful it! And I love your table...beautiful.

    Wishing you the best...
    Hugs, Nancy

  3. These photos made me giggle :0) Thanks so much for that , I do love a bit of whimsical humour ; it supplies the sunshine on a grey , dreary day !
    Beary Hugs ,


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