Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How did I end up like this?

Me: How did I end up like this?
Dr. T. Bear: Like what?
Me: In the middle of all this?
Dr. B: What do you mean?
Me: Well, look around. The place is a wreck. There are bits and pieces of stuff and fluff on every surface and the strings are everywhere - on my desk, on my chair, on the floor, all over me.
Dr. B: And the problem is?
Me: I guess it would be my lot in life as a teddy bear artist to have strings all over. But they’re kind of sneaky.
Dr. B: Sneaky? Sneaky strings? Do tell.
Me: I know it sounds a bit odd but I’ll just say this. It’d be one thing if they would just stay in the studio – I mean that makes sense. But I find them in other parts of the house. Why just the other day I found one in the kitchen. It’s almost like they decide they’d like to see a little more of the world.
Dr. B: Oh, you mean they make a conscious decision to leave, explore?
Me: It certainly seems that way.
Dr. B: So how do you think one ended up in the kitchen?
Me: My theory is that it decided to hitch a ride on a sweater or something and then when it got where it wanted to go, it just jumped off.
Dr. B: And so you have a string that wanted to see your kitchen?
Me: Okay, I know that sounds weird. But what about the one I found in my car?
Dr. B: You found one in your car? Egads!
Me: I know. Scary, right?
Dr. B: So, what’s your theory on the one that escaped to your car?
Me: I’m thinking that it was a little braver than the others and a little more curious.
Dr. B: A brave and curious string?
Me: Think about it. You are in one place for days on end and the opportunity comes along to see something new. I can just see how you couldn’t let an opportunity like that pass by.
Dr. B: I see. So you want to know how you ended up in the middle of all this as a teddy bear artist with adventurous strings and such?
Me: Seems like a logical question.
Dr. B: My dear, you are talking to me, Dr. T. Bear. Nothing is logical in this scenario.
Me: Let’s look past that for the moment. Do you think you can give me a diagnosis?
Dr. B: Do you want me to sugar coat the truth or do you want me to give it to you straight?
Me: Don’t pull any punches, Doc. I need to know.
Dr. B: Let’s review. You’ve been a bear artist for 25 years, sewing and creating the entire time. You met people from all over the world and you occasionally talk to teddy bears.
Me: Don’t say that too loud. It makes me sound crazy.
Dr. B: Talking to bears makes you sound crazy, but talking about brave and curious strings is normal?
Me: Get to your point. Give it to me straight.
Dr. B: I think it’s high time you faced the facts. You are in the midst of your silver anniversary year. If they haven’t caught onto you by now, crazy or not, I think you are safe. Go on about your business, get back to work and start planning that special announcement you should be making soon. And the next time you need to chat, just give me call.


  1. Sounds like you have discovered a whole new string theory! Maybe the strings are sad they weren't part of a bear and take their chance to get a little attention where they can?

    I also have something to show you:

    Hugs, Kelly

  2. Hi Ginger...
    25 years! Where has the time gone...I think as we get older...the time seems to go rather quickly!
    String is my friend...I know I am working when I find string everywhere!

    Take care,
    Hugs, Nancy

  3. Love the string theory idea and also seeing strings as proof of accomplishment! Thanks for some unique insights to my plight.

  4. I understand about strings, they scamper about my house as well, though I don't make teddy bears, just quilts and crazy quilting. Of course the cat likes to help with the relocation of strings, ribbons, and even a pen.
    Loved your discourse with Dr. T. Bear, he is a pretty smart bear.


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