Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I thought I overheard the following conversation . . . or was it my imagination?

I was just about to enter my studio when I overheard two little bears on my desk having a conversation. Let’s call them Henry and Kirby. It went something like this:

Henry: What are we doing here?
Kirby: What do you mean?
Henry: I mean, what are we doing here sitting on this desk? Why aren’t we over there with those guys on the shelf or downstairs with some of those fellows?
Kirby: Oh, well, it’s because we are going to a show.
Henry: Really? A show? Oh, I love shows. I wonder if it will be The Great Greta Sings Mendelssohn or Frank and Bertram Dance to the Classics?
Kirby: Great Greta, give me a break! No, it’s not that kind of show. It’s a teddy bear show.
Henry: O-o-o-h –h-h, a teddy bear show. That sounds good. I wonder if they’ll sing and dance. I hope we get good seats.
Kirby: No, no, no. It’s not that we’ll be watching the show, we are going to be in it.
Henry: Oh, that’s horrible! I can’t sing or dance. Although, once I lip-synched the Rolling Stones’ Get Off of My Cloud.
Kirby: Oh dear. You’re so confused. It’s not that kind of show. It’s a show where we sit on our table and other bears sit on their tables and people come in and say all sorts of nice things about us. And if they want us to be their new friend, they take us home with them where it’s nice and cozy.
Henry: That does sound much better. I am definitely better qualified to sit than to sing.

I decided this was a good time to interrupt.

Me: Hey guys! Are you all going to be ready to go to the show soon?
Henry: Yep.
Kirby: Of course.
Me: I’m glad. I think Great Greta Sings Mendelssohn should be a fabulous show. Our seats are right near the stage.

At this point, Henry begins jumping up and down, thrilled to the core and Kirby has passed out cold. It’s going to be difficult to explain that I was only joking, but I’m very bad at letting a good opportunity go to waste. Perhaps I should get back to my sewing and make a new little friend for them. They’ll need a distraction after I break the news that we’re not really going to go and hear Greta sing!

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  1. Oh Ginger - this is so funny. You really make me giggle. Just what I needed on top of that flu.
    Hugs, Tina


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