Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Bear Fur Brief – Hair of the Mo?

When I am at a teddy bear show, I am often asked about the fabric used to make the bears. Some of you are quite knowledgeable about the material your teddy bears are made from but I am still getting questions. If this little summary is useful – Yea! If not, oh well . . .

What is mohair? Hair of the Mo? What does a Mo look like?

To know Mo, you must go to the near far East, searching high and low for dear ol’ Mo. Moes live quite a long time you know. Their hair is long and it does grow and grow. And to sew Mo, you need go with the flow.

Okay – so that is sooooo not so. Just joshin’.

Mohair is made from the hair/fur of this animal, an angora goat:

Their hair is sheared a couple of times each year. Then it is woven into a cotton backing fabric.

This is a mohair bear:

Then what is alpaca fur? Hair of the Alpaca? What does an Alpaca look like?

Well, that’s just too easy. Yes. Alpaca fur is made from the fur of an Alpaca. It’s super soft.

Here’s what an Alpaca looks like:

And here too. Ain’t he cute?

Here is one of my bunnies made from Alpaca:

What kind of fur is this?

That is the question I get most often these days because I am using it more. Some people will say it is mohair. When I place an order for it, I am ordering viscose or rayon. Sometimes these words are used interchangeably. Sometimes it is just one or the other. Sometimes both as in Viscose Rayon or Rayon Viscose.

What is Viscose/Rayon? Hair of the Vis/Ray? What does a Vis/Ray look like?

Viscose/Rayon is a tree fiber or some say a unique form of wood. The fur fabric is easy to work with and many artists are using it to make vintage/primitive/old-looking teddies. It comes from a tree. This is what a tree looks like:

Now that you know all about Mo - well, maybe not all, but some. Okay, a bit - a tiny bit. Let’s talk about Mojo.

What is Mojo? Is it related in any way to the Mo?

And what about Joe? As in Cuppa Joe? Is it related to Mojo or Mo? Can you get a cup of Mojo?

Hm-m-m. Fascinating turn this discussion has taken. I can just see it now. “Honey, when you go up to the coffee bar and order my mocha, would you mind asking them for a cup of mojo to go?”


  1. You, madam, are a nut!

    I loved this post, it was hilarious :)

  2. Oh How funny mohair wow it really turns out great on the little cuddly bears though. I truly love the bears you design they are so wonderfu.

    Happy Thursday


  3. I can usually rely on Ginger to give me a giggle! I have a whole new attitude to the fibres I use. Thanks Ginger :)

  4. You crack me up! I think I'm going to spend some time imagining what a "mo" might look like!

    Heaps of Hugs,

  5. I am so glad that you all had a laugh! Makes it all worthwhile. Thanks for dropping by and joining me in my zany world.

  6. :D

    the Alpaca is so soft, in my natal country (Chile), the Alpaca is using to make jersey, scarf. mitten,etc. Is so soft and warm!.

  7. wow! thank you a lot! I did not know about viscose

  8. Love your posts! Sorry I haven't visited in a while my new internet is super slow at night and I don't get much done! I like all the fabrics you use!!
    The show looks like you had fun!

  9. Thank you so much for this lovely post!! I am just about ready to attempt my very first bear - and this has definitely opened my eyes - I make dolls, when I got the supply list I was like, "Huh?" LOL, I am going to have a ball making my first though, I know it!! Have a nice evening!


  10. this post made me smile. Now I know that looks like wood...
    If possible, I drag this post to my blog

  11. hi, i love this post. it was hilarious! =D

    by the way, i love your banner pic at the top of your blog too. it's simply too cute for words. =P


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