Monday, December 28, 2009

Still Celebrating

Yep, we’re still celebrating. It goes like this. You see some family sometimes and other family at other times. Our son and his wife will arrive in a couple of days so - guess what???? More celebrating! We’ll be glad to see them and the furry one too. They live half way across the country so visits are something of an event.


What to do until they arrive? Something just for fun – a bit of a break from the ordinary. We’ve seen a couple of movies but I see some mohair on my table that is beckoning me. It’s got that come hither look. Oh, you didn’t know mohair can give you that look? It can if you like working with it.

We have another person in the house at the moment too. Our daughter is on Winter break. What does an aspiring artist do for fun? While I have been eyeing the mohair, she found this photo.


She decided she wanted to draw it in ink. So she did. Some people have the patience for such things. She’s one of them. I’m not. I have patience for embroidering noses and pin pricks and fuzz floating in the air. She, on the other hand, can make teensy weensy teeny tiny dots with a pen point so small that I need glasses to see it. Here is close-up of some of the detail.

Here is the entire drawing.

And when she was finished with that she returned to knitting a pair of socks.


Since I haven’t yet learned to knit socks and I don’t draw with any degree of accomplishment, I think it’s time for me to pull out one of my patterns and see what kind of mischief I can make with mohair.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


  1. That drawing is fantastic..........and I just love the socks.....talented daughter...but they say like mother like daughter!

  2. Thanks for sharing your daughter's amazing talent with us Ginger, and enjoy your further celebrations, it's hot here so we've holed up inside with the occasional foray out into the garden to pull weeds and watering. I have been fiddling about with some delicious alpaca.....

  3. You daughter is very talented. Of course you can still take credit, the gene must have come from you.

  4. Gee, it would be nice to take the credit but alas, if she got it from me, a lot of it probably came through me from my mom. Of course, there's a bit of ingenuity on my husband's side of the family too. Anywho, it's fun to see what she creates on blank pieces of paper. With a blank sheet of paper, I make a pattern and my husband can make a cool paper airplane!

  5. Wow, she is very talented but so are you so I guess it is just natural.
    Mama Bear


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