Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Two More from the Past

The last Christmas card that I posted here a few days ago was from 1994. I’m going to skip ahead a few years because Christmas day is drawing near and there are several more cards I would like to share.

This first one is from 1997. I called it “Snow Angel” for obvious reasons. The berries on her wreath are jingle bells and she has buttons sewn down her front. This little bear stood about 6 inches tall, if I recall correctly. It made me think of when I was kid and we made snow angels in real snow. Did you, or have you ever, done that? It is a chilly experience if you make too many!

This second card is from the next year: 1998. I don’t know how I managed to create this scene. For some time, I have thought I have gotten crazier with my projects as I get older, but thinking back to this one, maybe I was crazier back then! This window is a creation of an alternate reality. In other words, it ain’t real. Well, the window is real but it isn’t in a house. I took this photo in my back yard, in the daytime. Doesn’t it look like it is nighttime? I don’t know how I did that to be honest. This was titled “Friends”.

I have some cards that I will include the text as well. Those are coming up soon, I think. In the meantime, this year’s cards were mailed at the first of the month. I just got an email from someone who received theirs and it made me laugh out loud. Here is what it said:

“Every year I look forward to getting a card from you. I hope I'll get one every year until I croak.”

And you know what?  He shall!


  1. beautiful cards, i like both!. i make a snow angel with my daughter, few years ago (2), was great!, then we dirnk spain dark chocolate,,:D

  2. Hi Ginger! The cards are so sweet as usual, the one from 1997 reminds me of the year I met my now husband... that was our first christmas together as "boyfriend and girlfriend." That christmas he had bought me a teddy bear and that was the first one from him....I still have it too, along with all the others he has bought me since. I love the email reply, now that is too funny!!!! Have a great day friend! Hugs, Jennifer

  3. Your cards are just lovely! I love teddy bears, and yours are so whimsical!

  4. Beautiful Ginger! Your cards are wonderful!
    Have a great day

  5. Oh, how cute!

    You are making lovely memories with your cards. :)

  6. The snow angel card is my favorite so far! I love this sweet little bear as well as all the others, too!


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