Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sh-h-h-h. Be very quiet.

We don’t want to wake them.

Yes, it’s us, the Blogging Bears. We’re sneaking in, just for tonight. It’s Friday night after all – well, technically it very, very early on Saturday, but that’s just nitpicking.

What really matters is that we’ve got a little window of opportunity and we’re grabbing it with all the quiet gusto we can manage.
Now seeing as how our contract has run out, we are under no obligations of any kind. That means we can blog about anything.
Anything at all.

What shall we blog about?

How about . . . that time . . .
Uh. No. The details on that are kind of fuzzy.

How about . . . the cooking story?
Which one?
Nope. We could never pick and after all, ‘flour on the floor’ is so yesterday.
You’re right it was yesterday – what a mess that was!

Hey, let’s go see what’s on the camera!

Wow! What’s this?

It looks like a really cool new age hairstyle.
I don’t think so.
What about this one?

That’s the monster that ate Tokyo. (Snicker. Snicker.)
Oh, here’s another one.
That has got to be one of those Oscar dresses. You know the ones that were on the red carpet.

What are these things anyway?!!
More bizarre things we’ll never figure out on our own, I expect. She takes some very strange photos.
Oh, I see now! Bark!
Woof! Woof!
No, I mean it’s bark - bark from a tree.
You’re right ‘cuz here’s the tree. Must have been one of those sunny days we had before it started raining.  How come we never get to go anywhere?

Let’s get back to what we’re here for.
Well, I don’t think we’re going to find something interesting to blog about.
I agree. I’m hungry anyway. Let’s go get a snack!
Yeah, for some reason I want some corn flakes!

Sh-h-h-h. Don’t tell anyone we were here. We’ll come back and try again some other time.

The BBC (Blogging Bears Committee)
sneaking in for


  1. Ginger!! What adorable bears! What a darling post too! LOL @ the previous post with the headless bear!

    Thanks so much for visiting me!

    I'm coming back for a closer look!

    Follower #250! ha!


  2. LOL! ;)

    So bears bark when we are not around?


  3. So funny and cute too, bear hugs.

  4. Tienes unos ositos muy divertidos y traviesos jejejeje
    besitos ascension

  5. hey BBC bears struck again?! nice.


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