Monday, March 29, 2010

3 Things about 3 Things


1 – My Giveaway

  • If and when I decide to do another giveaway this year and you have entered this one, I’ll give you an extra entry on my next one.
  • I’ve discovered some very interesting bloggers because of it.
  • I can’t believe it’s nearly over (only 2.5 more days) but it’s been great!


2 – Facebook

  • I knew some people I knew were there.
  • Some of those people told me I should be there too.
  • Now, I’m there (even though I’m still trying to figure it out).


3 – The Mail

  • Real mail can be lovely if it’s not ads or bills.
  • The good stuff takes longer to arrive when you are waiting for it.
  • When you get to know your very nice mailman, he recognizes when you’ve returned home and will come back to leave your package (when it finally arrives).


  1. I love your sweet little bears! I enjoy stopping by! Thanks

  2. Cool! I'll look for you on Facebook! I do so hope I finally win one of your super bears!!
    Happy Spring!
    Hugs, Lisa

  3. I just joined up on facebook, big learning curve! :)

    Your bears are darling. :)

    Maybe we can find each other on facebook. :)


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