Friday, April 16, 2010

Suggestions from the Blogging Bears Committee

Hi there!

It might look like we are back, ‘we’ being the BBC, but we’re not. Not yet. At this time we are just popping in for a sec due to unusual circumstances. You-know-who has put her needle and thread back in the pin cushion, turned off all the lights and gone to bed. It’s very weird.

We saw the glow from the computer monitor and thought to ourselves, “Why not give it a go?” And here we are! So-o-o-o . . . what shall we talk about?

Rosie thinks we should probably show you some of our favorite places to visit when we have unlimited access to Blogland. It seems like a really good idea but we only have a very few minutes so we’ll have to be quick.

We get so excited when we see what Catherine of Bumpkin Bears is creating. We think her bears are lovely and we are particularly impressed with her incredibly cute cards. Her blog is here and her etsy shop is here. Bring us back something, okay?

Then there’s Paula of Bearing All. We want to go and visit Paula because she seems to have an amazing ability to do an incredible number of varied things in addition to making bears. We don’t think you-know-who is nearly as organized as Paula. Perhaps we should take up a collection, buy a ticket and send her for lessons.

Oh! Oh! Oh! You need to go and visit Wendy here and Megan Chamberlain here. They make bears in little sizes and they wear the bestest clothes. It makes us think we should seriously talk to you-know-who about our wardrobes. She always talks about making clothes for us little bears but then somehow or other they haven’t yet materialized.

Finally, we heard that Joanne, who makes wonderful teds over at Desert Mountain Bear, has a bear that wants to travel – free! And we have been to visit and she is quite the looker. We think she could be quite happy here with us on the East coast but you might be able to talk her into going to live with you. Sign up here.


I think after a good night’s rest you-know-who will be back at work on her box project. She’ll probably have some more photos to show you. In the meantime, our tummies are rumbling and you know what that means. It’s snack time!

We’ll be back later after the details in our contract are sorted. Personally, we think chocolate chip cookies should be a given as part of the compensation package.  See ya soon!

The Blogging Bears Committee (aka BBC)


  1. Hello all you members of the BBC. Thanks for all the tips and the wonderful places you suggested I visit. I loved it. I have Ruth's button on my sidebar and maybe she would like to live in the South with me.
    You guys be good and don't eat too many cookies.
    Mama Bear

  2. LOVE IT !!! Well I also think you should get a contract that includes chocolate chip cookies. Hummm doesn't everyone get cookies in their contracts? You better run along now before she catches you. As far as the clothes go I think you know who does a pretty good job making your clothes.. Better not complain. :)

    Big Hugs,


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