Friday, April 30, 2010

Fresh Air Outside Day

The BBC (Blogging Bears Committee) continues to blog while Ginger works. I would say sews, but I haven’t seen much sewing going on. I see a project in progress which might be the subject of 007 Day but don’t tell anyone.

Now for Fresh Air Outside Day, we have arranged for an interview with the oldest bear in the house that belonged to you-know-who. We are hoping that with some hard hitting questions, we’ll be given some insight into how that crazy mind of hers works.

Since none of us on the committee are very experienced at interviewing, we’ve brought in a ringer in the form of Olivia. Olivia will interview the older and wiser Brownie.


O: Welcome to Fresh Air Outside Mr. Brownie.

B: Please just call me Brownie. Mister makes it sound like you wouldn’t cuddle me if you were so inclined and everyone needs a cuddle now and then.

O: Right. So Brownie, how have you managed to stay in the same family all these years?

B: It’s been pretty easy for the most part, but there have been a few close calls. Not so much now but in the early days. Once I was left outside. Then there was the time I was carried off by a pack of wild dogs.

O: Really!? Wild dogs?!

B: Well, perhaps it was only one and perhaps he wasn’t wild, just mischievous. He was kind of cute but very slobbery and I finally convinced him that while I smelled quite lovely, I would taste horrible. After that I lay in the wet grass for ages and ages. I pretty much smelled awful after that.

O: It sounds quite frightening. What else can you tell us about your early life?

B: It doesn’t sound good but I was dragged everywhere. Actually, it was quite nice. You get to be privy to all the happenings. I’ve been loads of places. In fact, there was a rumor that the car would not start if I wasn’t in it. I liked that.

O: Is there anything that you recall from your youth that makes you laugh every time you remember it?

B: Oh, that’s easy. There are a lot of things. Did you know that the girl I kept company with often slept in curlers? Silliest things I ever saw. They were always falling out. Another time, I watched from the bed when she tried to put clothes on the dog. I kept thinking to myself “Poor, poor dog”, but he was a bit like me. He tolerated a lot of indignities just to hang out where the action was.

O: And what is life like now that you are in your reclining years?

B: These are the best yet. You see with age comes appreciation and I have come to appreciate not being dragged off by dogs and being left outside. I spend my days in the company of some of the best bears around and I even get to go to a tea party now and then.

O: Thank you for sharing your history with us. This is Olivia signing off from Fresh Air Outside for the BBC.


Thanks Olivia. 

The BBC standing in for


  1. I'm in love with Olivia, she has crazy curly hair!
    I love how Brownie looks quite content and smiley in the last picture.

    Dot has been stomping around here, waving his arms and ranting... he hates missing out on an adventure.

  2. Rascals, but so loveable!!! Up to their shenanigans!!! He cute!
    Margaret B

  3. Was Brownie the first bear made by Ginger? He looks cute! When was this? More of this type of interviews please. Love to know more about the generations of bears by Ginger.

  4. Hi Val,

    No, Brownie was not the first bear Ginger made. He was the first bear who stole her heart - at the ripe old age of 5 or 6. You should see the first bears she made. Oh my! They sure look different from the ones today. Of course, as bears ourselves we love them all. We are not prone to pick and choose who gets to be part of the family. Thanks for asking. And by the way, we love the readers here. So much fun.

    The BBC with hugs

  5. Yayyyy! (you can't see it, but I'm clapping)

  6. Me encantan las historias que viven tus ositos y es una maravilla poder jugar con ellos.´besitos ascension

  7. Hi BBC,

    Thanks for answering my question about Brownie. Hey, it's a good idea! Pls let Ginger know that I (and I daresay her fans out at blogland too) will be very interested to see her first bears! Ooh, I'm so excited already...


  8. Loved reading Brownie's story. Sounds like he had such an exciting start to life, but glad that now he's in his reclining years, he's getting much more peace and quiet!


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