Wednesday, April 21, 2010

While waiting for paint to dry: Q. & A. & Misc.

I thought I would answer a few questions posed to me and pose a couple of my own.


First up – I have been asked a few times: Do I plan on having another Christmas Tea party? Some people are much better at planning way, way ahead than I am but I have given it some thought.

Then I wondered if you would be interested in participating. You can leave a comment or email me. This is not a commitment, just an informal survey way, way ahead of time.


Next, what are the beads in this photo? They are called microbeads. (I just learned that by the way.) They are teensy tiny little glass beads that come in a vial and are used to embellish things. What things? Well, I guess that’s up to your imagination. I used them to decorate edges. But beware, they roll everywhere and could easily be compared with the pea from the princess’ bed in the fairy tale.


What’s the status of the bird in the birdhouse? We’ve determined that it is most definitely NOT a bluebird unless she is going incognito. My less than expert opinion is that this is a family of nuthatches.

ptd_3This is how the nest looked last time I peeked. I haven’t ventured out for a visit lately. This is photo of a nuthatch that looks like the resident in our birdhouse.

ptd_4 Photo by Erik Breden

Here’s a question for you bloggers and/or blog readers. What is the advantage in posting a short feed? I’ve always posted a full feed, especially for those who like to receive updates via email or like to keep up in reader, which I often do myself. So, for those of you who post partial feeds, what is the advantage to you?

And for the miscellany – I dug into the photos of our trip to Asheville to unearth this fun one I took just for you all.


This sculpture was created by Stefan "Steebo" Bonitz. It is called Guns and Roses. It’s wonderfully whimsical. You can read more about it here. I am partial to the doggie but it’s a mite too large for my back yard.

ptd_6Now it’s time to put another coat of paint on a few things for the box in progress.  Photos to come . . .


  1. Really great! I have always thought those beads may be sneaky. I like your nest wonder when they will hatch!! Like the creature. People can make the greatest things! Speaking of which a few you made are in my new little post. So you may get a few new visitors!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. Love the beads, and the eggs.....hmmm.....not sure what they are. I would love another tea party!!! I am happy to be home and I am trying to get around and visit all my friends, I feel like I have been gone a year!!!!
    Margaret B

  3. Las bolitas de colores, me encanta y aqui no consigo encontrar
    Tu que las tienes en al mano, porque se podrian sustituir?
    Yo quiero utilizarlas para hacer pasteles de sculpey en mini.
    besitos ascension

  4. Ok, 1. Yes I would take place in the teaparty again!

    2. Full Feed vs. Short Feed... as a reader, I like full feed... but if you're a google analyitics addict like I am, and want people to click to your site... short feed. Granted, I personally follow you through blogger, so I always click to your site :)

  5. That's interesting Heather. I have wondered why people who use short feed want you to click though several things rather than just have it there for you to read. I must confess, sometimes I don't have time to click through to the actual blogs. If I want to comment I will make the effort to do so though.

    Thanks for the info.


  6. Goodness, short feed, full feed--I still don't even know what they are! Oh, well, I'm sure I'll finally get it some day.

    As for the Christmas Tea Party, I really enjoyed it last year, so I'm sure you could convince me without even having to twist my arm.

  7. Great post!
    We have an elusive Nuthatch. I see him running up and down the pine trees. I like Bluebirds in my nesting boxes but wouldn't kick this fellow out if he built there.
    Mama Bear

  8. I'd love to take part in a tea party.

    I have no idea about the feeds though, I guess mine is whatever the default is lol

    Love the dog sculpture, what fun, are you sure you couldn't sneak him home to your garden? :oD

  9. I would like to participate in the christmas Tea party again...My old blog was "For the love of a teddy bear" back then...This year I'll have to do something with PINK and bears as my blog name has changed... ;-) I think it would be fun and I hope you do have it agian. Have a nice day! Hugs, Jennifer

  10. Ginger, count me in for a tea party!
    Barb & bears

  11. Hi Ginger, The bears will most likely be having a Christmas get-together (Front of House bears and Back of House bears). They live in separate Dorms, you see :o)

    I havn't a clue about different 'feeds'. I have a list thingy on the 'dashboard' page of my blog, which tells me who has updated, and so then I go and visit them.


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