Monday, December 17, 2012

Quick & Easy Folder for Cash Gift + Template

The elves are busy these days and sometimes they need help! I decided to make some nice folders for giving cash/money. It gave me an excuse to play with pretty paper.


These were my basic tools. Add some double stick tape and you’re good to go.


You’ll need the template I created, of course. You can find it here or click on the image below. It prints on an 8.5” X 11” piece of paper. I would say you could print directly on your paper except I’ve scribbled basic directions on it.

Money envelope template

Trace the pattern onto your decorative paper and


cut it out.


Score as indicated by the dotted lines and fold inward. The two short flaps are where you will tape or glue the ends to the inside flap.


I decorated the inside of the folder with some die cut snowflake stickers.


And in an effort to justify all the tools I’ve managed to accumulate over time, I decided to use this edge punch to make a swirly design on the front flap.


I wanted to make some sort of notch where the money goes so I used a circle punch but only half of it. It seemed to work.


I added a strip of contrasting paper to the back of my swirly design so it would show up better and then wrote “Thank you!” on it. Of course, you can expand the area and write a short story or a poem or even a photo. Hey, that sounds like a good idea!


Rather than make an envelope for the folder, I chose to cut some strips out of coordinating paper for closures. They slide right off the ends.


Above the swirly design, I added a punched oval from coordinating paper on which I could write the recipient’s name to personalize the folder.



At last the folders are all done;
a great way to have creative fun.
Gifting time has now begun.
Merry Christmas everyone!



  1. Fantastic, great idea :)
    bear hugs from germany

  2. Hi Miss Ginger,

    Money? I don't want money I want PREZZIES! Giggle. I wonder if there are "Bear Bucks"? Stars have their own, Star Bucks, right? (Giggle). As you can see, I have the giggles this morning.

    Mom says to thank you for this great idea and template, she says it can be used for all gift giving not just at Christmas.

    Toby sends little bear hugs to you and Sebastian.

    Prudence ♥


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