Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tiny Cake Box Tutorial

Now that the papers, glue, scissors, clothespins and can of green beans have all been put away (yes, I did say green beans)


I will share how you too can create your very own Tiny Cake Box.


I saw the one below in a store but it was huge – 14” X 7” X 7” and made of metal but it did give me the idea for making small ones.


Ones that could sit nicely on your Christmas tree if you were so inclined.


First I chose some seasonally appropriate scrapbooking paper


and a small, round paper maché box.


Using the can of green beans for a template, I traced a circle on paper for my base. (I doubled up on the paper to make it sturdier.)

          tcbt_4    tcbt_5

I cut the circle with some decorative edge scissors – mine were scallop shaped. I also cut a straight strip of paper to go around the box bottom. I only covered the bottom to where it meets the lid otherwise the lid would not fit on the box.


Using the can of green beans again, I (1.) traced a circle on a plain sheet of ivory colored card stock,(2.) cut it out, (3.) clipped the edges just to where they would bend over the edge of the lid and (4.) folded them up. (Click on these photos to make them larger.)


The next step was to glue the folded circle to the top of the box as shown below.


With my computer and printer, I created a strip of text to size that reads “Birthday of a King”. This goes on the side of the top.


As you can see in the photo below, I added a layer of my decorative paper and trimmed it with the decorative scissors for consistency. Then I glued it around the edge of the box lid.


I had these round discs already but any circular disc in the right size will work. I drilled a hole in the middle the size of my dowel/candle and then painted them to match my ivory colored card stock covered lid. (Say that three times fast . . . )


The candles, as I mentioned, are dowels cut to about the length of a birthday candle.


I covered them with paper using glue.


I used clothespins to hold the paper while the glue dried. You can see the upright candle already has a wick. I poked a small hole in the top of the dowel and glued a little piece of black waxed linen thread in place.


Next, using the circular discs as a guide, I made a template for a crown. I cut the crown from glittered card stock. (That stuff is really cool – it didn’t shed glitter like I expected!)


While the glued crowns dried in a circular shape, I glued the discs to the center of the box lids.


Once the glue on the crowns had dried, I glued them around the discs and then glued the candles in place in the holes.  (Yes, glue will be your best friend in this project.)


I’m nearly done now. (Sticky fingers and all!)


The last thing I did was to dry brush some metallic gold paint on the box.


Now it’s ready for the tree.


If by some chance you choose to make your own tiny cake box, I would love to see how it turns out!  Send me a photo or a link to your creation.  You may discover a more efficient way to make them or have a unique twist of your own.  New and improved ideas are a GOOD thing!




  1. Well you had me thinking really in the wrong direction. What a great idea. I love it. I will store that one away in the memory for another year.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. This is perfect, it says it all, doesn't it? Yes, He is the reason for the season.

    I am going to try this, I love it!


  3. What a fun and clever project. Thank you for the tutorial, it is definitely a great decorations for ones tree.

  4. Excellent interpretation, but where's the cake?! Enquiring minds want to know...

    Jack & The Clan

  5. Than you for this Tutorial! Your Cake-Box is so Beautiful!

  6. Ginger, the cake boxes are fantastic. I'm going to be looking for paper mache boxes next time I'm at the craft store. Thanks for the great tutorial. Merry Christmas~


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