Monday, February 11, 2013

It’s Nearly Time!

I have yet to completely understand how time flies so quickly but here we are. It’s nearly time for us to draw the winner of my Valentine’s Day giveaway. Tinsley is so excited he can hardly wait and is up early every morning asking me (before I’ve had a chance to open my eyes!) if today is the day.


In only a couple of days, I will be able to tell him, “Yes! Today is the day!” but not quite yet. I also told him that we have a tradition here at bearbits that I’ve managed to maintain so far. That tradition allows the giveaway teddy to wave goodbye to all the good people that visit bearbits.

Before he does, I would like to take a moment to say to each of you who entered – Thank you! Thank you so much for entering. And thank you for such sweet and kind and generous comments. It would take me days and days to write each of you personally because in a perfect world where I had no other obligations that is what I would like to do.


Also, we (me and Sebastian and all the bears here) would like to welcome all of the followers - recently recent, recent, prior, and longstanding. Without you we’d be just talking to each other and while that can be fun, it’s so much more interesting to meet people who live in other places and do things that may or may not include bears!

Tinsley is sort of tapping his paw and I think that means I’ve gone on long enough. I suppose I should let him get on with it before he starts tapping both his paws! Take it away, Tinsley!



  1. O` Tinsley is so cute ♥ !
    Hugs to you All ♥

  2. this is why Tinsley and I are made for each other we are both early risers and both excited to see where his new bear home will be

    Waving back at you Tinsley

  3. Tinsley est tellement craquant !
    Oh, que j'aimerais qu'il arrive chez moi ! Le sort en décidera.... Mais, je vais croiser les doigts.

  4. How excited Tinsley must be! He has no idea where he is off to. Pastures new though! Bon voyage Tinsley! xx

  5. Tinsley I know you are bursting with excitement. I know it won't be long now. Don't forget your final good bye wave.
    Hugs Wilbur

  6. Hi Tinsley,

    We want you to come live with us, we're kin and you would love it here. Prudence is the head bear here and we have so much fun with her.

    Tiny Teddy Hugs,
    Toby & Tony (he's your adopted kin) I'm mohair related.

  7. Maybe he'll be waving back at you from his new home soon. I wonder how far he'll travel.
    Mama Bear

  8. Farewell little Tinsley, have a safe journey.

  9. So cute...made my day little Tinsley.....blessings

  10. Well we don't want to wave goodbye just yet, we want him to live here, so we're keeping all our paws crossed...


    Jack & The Clan

  11. Come to Indiana, Tinsley! I'll make sure you can keep in touch with all of your friends and followers, plus you'll make lots of new friends! Hope to meet you soon!

  12. All of us here are waving back at Tinsley. That is the best wave ever that he's doing. He's really got the snack... er we mean knack. :)
    He is so precious and adorable. Thanks for sharing those great photos of him.
    Love and bear hugs, Kristi and Hamlin and Tamson and the new Christmas guy ;)

  13. THANK YOU Ginger for making such cool bears and writing a fun blog too - especially all the progress photos when you're working, I appreciate your efforts in all that you do for us! Bear Huggs from Ani & her bear crew

  14. hello
    Come to Russia, Tinsley. My little daughter will be very happy. She saw how you waved his with his paw and fell in love with you. We want you to live with us.

  15. How sweet! We are all holding our breath! Enjoy your week! Come back soon!

  16. Ha Ha Great video graphics thingy! Hope Tinsley doesnt have too many tears. Hope he has a great trip across the seas or across the lands. xx

  17. Bye Tinsley..I will see you soon!! (fingers crossed:):):)hugs-S


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