Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sebastian’s Plan

Just the other day I was struck by how unusually quiet it was in the house. No commotion, no ado. Surely that much peace and quiet meant something important. Thus, I went in search of Sebastian.

He was nowhere to be found inside so I ventured outside. I stood on the porch and lo and behold, out on the street I spied him in his Mini. But it looked a little bit odd from where I was standing so I got a little bit closer to see if I could figure out what he had going on.

That’s when I saw this:

He had several suitcases tied onto the back of his convertible.

I wasn’t too certain about the safety of the arrangement either.

He also had his journal.

And his camera and a map. This looked serious indeed.

“Sebastian, what on earth are you doing?” I asked him.
“Oh, I have the travel bug and I decided to take myself on a very, very long adventure” he replied.
“It looks like you plan to be gone for a very, very long time” I mused.
“Yes, I am taking myself on a very, very long drive.”

This had me quite concerned so I decided this deserved a phone call to the Mister. “Yes, he aims to go all that way by himself. And he’s such a little bear. Shouldn’t he have an escort or two?” After a bit of back and forth, our conversation ended this way:

“Cool! That sounds like a plan. I will go and let him know.”

When I got back to the porch, I found Sebastian relaxing on the porch swing. He looked up and me and said, “Well, did he buy it? Can we all go together now?”

“Yep, he bought it. What a great plan it was! And it turned out well, but you know, I am still going to have to post photos of your car just to make it look legitimate.”

“Yes, I know. That’s quite alright. All in the name of the game” he replied.

Then we high fived and proceeded to plan what we would do on our trip. Sebastian is one smart cookie. Hm-m-m, speaking of cookies. “Sebastian, can I talk you into sharing that chocolate chip cookie?”



  1. I'm so pleased you are going on a family holiday. Sebastian would get lonely on his own. I loved his cases. May be he can take them on your holiday.

  2. So wonderful Photos: Wish you a very Creative Travel together!

  3. Hi Sebastian,

    Now that was one beary creative plan, You and Miss Ginger had a great idea, Mr. Jay doesn't have a chance living with the two of you. Giggle.

    Have a great vacation and don't forget to take lots of pictures.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  4. A trip! What fun! I hope you all have a wonderful time. Sebastian did a great job of packing all that into his mini, but trips are more fun with a friend or two. :) And cookies sound good - I may join you!

  5. Can't wait to see where your travels take you!!


  6. Us wee bears are the smartest when it comes to these sorts of plans...




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