Friday, June 28, 2013

Next Stop – Victoria

Sebastian and I have come to an agreement regarding our travel posts. He told me I could have a turn if I included photos of him every so often. I thought I could manage that somehow or other.


Leaving Vancouver, we traveled by ferry to Victoria. Sebastian was excited about a big boat ride.


I took this photo, one of many, on our journey across the Strait of Georgia.


Once off the boat, we drove to Victoria. We didn’t have a lot of time there so we went about seeing as much as possible. This was taken from the Inner Harbor area and the building on the left is the Fairmont Empress where we had the whole ‘afternoon tea’ experience. More on that another time.


Here Sebastian sits with the rather iconic Legislature Building in the background.


We knew that Victoria was the home of the narrowest street in the world, so we went in search of it. Once we were in Chinatown, it was easy to find.


It is most definitely narrow.


Wandering the streets of Victoria, we came across this peaceful and picturesque garden at St. Ann’s Academy which is designated a National Historic Site.


There were lots and lots of interesting shops like Munro’s Books where I could have browsed for hours.


Flowers were in bloom everywhere – the colors of the flowers were bright and cheery. We found these roses on the grounds of The Empress hotel.


I will sign off for today because Sebastian and I are going to enter into negotiations on who will have the next turn here. Thanks for reading!



  1. Hi Ginger and Sebastian, You sure went to a very pretty place. My daughter was there a few years ago and the baskets of flowers that were on every light post and the gardens were so full of colour. I'm sure you would have both loved it.

  2. We say Sebastian's turn next!




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