Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why Steveston? Why Sophie’s Cosmic Café?

I suppose I should  first ask “Why Vancouver?” as our first stop. We discovered the Northwest in our travels a few years ago. Then we heard that Vancouver was a beautiful city so we added that to our “One Day” list. When it  looked like we would actually be able to visit, we started researching interesting things to see.


We were watching a talk show one evening when one of the actors from the TV series Once Upon a Time mentioned filming the show in Vancouver. It seemed like a good thing to check out while there.

If you don’t know what the heck I am talking about regarding the TV show Once Upon a Time, then these photos will just be quaint buildings in Steveston.

If you recall, in the show this is the library and the town square.


Do you recognize Granny’s Diner?


Or Sebastian and me in front of  Mr. Gold’s Pawn Shop?


Here’s the location they referred to as the park.  It was quite pretty and in real life part of the Steveston Museum grounds.


After we finished wandering in Steveston, we followed up on our original plan to have breakfast at Sophie’s Cosmic Café. And the reason is that it just looked like a fun place to eat!


 wswscc_12     wswscc_14

wswscc_13     wswscc_10




  1. Sebastian, your Mum always finds good places to eat. I bet you tummy was full to the brim.

  2. That definitely looks a wise choice for breakfast, we bears can sniff these things out so well...




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