Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Whole Different Animal by Sebastian

Hi ho everyone! Have you missed me? I’ve missed you! I have been a very busy bear lately what with all the animals running amok around this place. Not to mention the deer and The Tophman too!

Even so, the other day I had a chance to go to a park and see some things that were very unique and that’s what I thought I would share with you today. It’s called ‘Sculpture’. It’s a whole different animal when some of them were more than ten times my size. Anywho, I hope you enjoy these pictures. I’m in quite a few of them and don’t mind saying I think I look rather cultured in the sculptures.

Me and a few rabbits!  by Jonathan Bowling

If I heard correctly, the pretty little place where these sculptures were on display was a park where Mr. Jay played when he was just a little fellow. I also overheard that you-know-who and Mr. Jay would often swing on the swings there too. That was when they were much younger – though if it hadn’t rained in the afternoon, I think they might have gone over and swung some. Swung some. Swung some. Swung some. That sure is fun to say.

Do you recognize this furry face?

Blue Collar by Mike Richardson

What is this?

It’s a cow!  A very big cow, if I do say so myself. by Jonathan Bowling

And this thing?  It’s a  . . .

Frog-goyle!  by Mike Richardson

Love this dog!  He’s kind of quirky.  Just like me!

Dog by Jonathan Bowling

Then I went for a ride!  Wheeee!

This is a very little man.  He’s almost my size.  I can relate.

Guess where I am now?  Awww.  You’ll never guess.  I’m on a . .  .

What do you call this thing anyway?  It’s a what?!
A SC Death Star Palm?  Okay that sounds rather dangerous.  Let’s move on.

by Mike Richardson

This arch would go great in the back yard but I failed to convince them to buy it for me.

Garden Mirrors by Carolyn Owen

There were so many more sculptures than I have shown you here.  And, you know, if  I had some way of  purchasing them, I could have had a most unusual teddy bear playground of my very own.  Oh well.  A bear can dream.



  1. I would dream of having that frog in my garden. Or. Perhaps that dog. At least the dog looked as though he wouldn't eat much.
    hugs Wilbur

    1. Hi there Wilbur my friend!

      If that frog could only swim, he could swim all the way to your garden! I'm sure the dog wouldn't be any competition for your honey!


  2. un parque muy curioso, esas esculturas son muy originales , gracias por compartir las fotos



    1. Hi Mari,

      Yes, they are very original and I think they would be fun to have in the garden to share with all my friends!

      Thank you for visiting!

  3. A cow? Looks like a load of old bull to us...


    Jack, Boo & The Clan

    1. Hi Jack,

      You are so witty and clever! Yeah, you might be right about that but I think they might have a hard time finding it a new home if they called it "A Load of Old Bull". But then again, maybe not! :D


  4. Well, Hellooo Stranger,
    Long time no see. We though you might have been bearnapped or something, so it's good to know that you're hale and hearty.
    That really is a holey cow, and the dog would certainly make less noise than your friend, but then it probably wouldn't be so cute. We'd stay well away from death star thingies too. Glad you had fun, but what a shame your humins didn't go on the swings - spoilsports.
    Jock and Zeke

    1. Hi Jock and Zeke!

      No I've not been bearnapped but occasionally, I might have been bear napping. You know, a bear needs a good rest now and then. Especially after a few cookies!

      Ha ha! Holey Cow! That's too funny. And yes, the little dog was very quite but not nearly as soft. He was pretty lame about playing fetch too. Yeah, that Death Star kind of caught me by surprise.

      Rain sort of put the kibosh on the swinging but I see you-know-who swinging on the ones at home quite often so she keeps in practice.

      hugs to my friends,


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